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Race Result

Racer: Craig Ellis
Race: Breezy Point
Date: Sunday, June 3, 2007
Location: Norfolk, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 0:55:34
Overall Place: 11 / 431
Age Group Place: 3 / 45
Comment: Rainy crazy race

Race Report:

This is one for the record books. I have never had a more dissapointing experience at any race I have ever taken part in. From the start the race director was rude and arrogant, on race day (thanks to tropical storm Barry) the swim section of the race was cancelled and replaced by a 5k run. During announcements I decided to go for a bio break as I figured she was just going through the motions. We waited around in the cold wind and rain for a while as the separate age group waves were sent off for the run. Not sure why we had to wait 5 mins between waves for the run but that was a very cold and long wait.

My wave was up and the pace was brisk and fast, I got warm very quickly and soon did not even notice the rain and cold. the wind was still a factor though. I found myself in a quick group of six and split ahead of the main field. The start of the bike was very tough as you had to battle hard rain hitting your exposed skin and gusty winds, not to mention the puddled water soaking your feet even more.

The bike was tough as there was really no shelter and you were constantly pounded no matter wich way you turned. I managed a 23.5mph ave (2nd fastest overall). As I entered the T2 area I noticed the guy that ran away from us was on my tail, no idea when I passed him, I was quick in the T2 area slipping off my cycling shoes and on ith my running shoes.

For some strange reason this guys ran out of the T2 area on his socks and I thought to myself, damn, this dude is going to run a 5k on his socks. Rock On! Anyway to my surprise the 5k turned out to be a 100yard dash and he beat me by 3 seconds. Crossing the timing mat they told me the race is over and I must hand in my timing chip, I was arguing with the official saying that I must've made a wrong turn but I was suppose to do another 5k. I was so bummed by that as I was really pumped up to do a good 5k last run.

Morale of the story: Listen to any and all announcements by the race director, in any future races, esp if the weather is bad.

I cannot seem to get this 3rd place monkey off my back at all.