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Race Result

Racer: Greg Bishop
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2005
Location: Ellicott City, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 3:27:50
Overall Place: 1109 / 1245
Age Group Place: 151 / 160
Comment: Beautiful day for an event

Race Report:

2005 Columbia Triathlon

Swim: 32:15
T1: 6:45
Bike: 1:35:12
T2: 4:11
Run: 1:09:27
Total: 3:27:50
AG Place 156/160

I started the day by waking my family up before morning the day of Colombia. The weather promised to be significantly better than last year for the race and I was looking forward to the race, as my first tri of the year. We were on our way by 5:00 and made the race site in plenty of time for me to set up transition and get to the swim start.

As with all of my events, I had only three goals for this race:
1) Be healthy.
2) Be happy.
3) Finish with an official time.

(2004 times in parenthesis after 2005 times.)

Swim: 32:16 (29:30)
The start of the swim was not particularly promising for the day. Apparently the person who helped me with my suit pulled up on the zipper a little too hard and started the break-away, but didn' say anything. As soon as I raised my arms over my head to glide in the water toward the swim start, my zipper came completely undone. The velcro held, so at least I wasn't going to lose the top, but the swim results were in question. In the end, I don't think that the mishap caused too much change in my swim time (which was within range of expectations), but I came out of the water in pain with a significant raw spot on the back of my neck. This is very different from every other time I've swum with my wetsuit, as I don't usually have any raw spots and I don't use any Body-Glide. I came out of the water with only one thing on my mind -- get the wet suit off the back of my neck. I even almost missed my family cheering for me between the lake and transition.

T1: 6:45 (5:42)
Slow (as always), but uneventful.

Bike: 1:35:12 (1:32:33)
I left transition for the bike and looking forward to the Columbia course. I had done more bike training in the weeks leading up to Columbia than last year. I thought I might even beat last year's time. About 6 miles into the bike, it started feeling like my bike wasn't rolling as well as normal. I spent a little time evaluating the mechanics of my bike while rolling slowly. I couldn't isolate any issues, so I accelerated back to speed and kept up. The rest of the bike was thoroughly enjoyable.

T2: 4:11 (2:36)
Again, slow and uneventful. The official time for this also doesn’t agree with the transition time from my watch.

Run: 1:09:27 (1:13:00)
My run at Columbia last year went very poorly due to an issue with my bike run number causing me to have poor mechanics while riding. I was expecting this year to be significantly more comfortable. (And it was.) Throughout the run, I heartily cheered for every Team in Training person I saw.

Total: 3:27:50 (3:23:19)