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Race: EX2 Off-Road Half Marathon
Location: Triangle, VA
Website: http://www.ex2adventures.com/backyard/
Type: Run - Half Marathon
Comment: Off-road half-marathon that parallels the off-road marathon on the same course (the full marathon does two loops) through Prince William Forest Park (near Quantico). Beautiful wooded park with bridges, small waterfall, near a creek most the time. Can be hilly at times, including the final 400 meters or so are uphill.

Comments from RATS

1. Amanda Shuman: VERY muddy after a rainfall, slippery bridges and rocks (you have to walk going up and downhill at various points, unless you want to fall) and narrow trails at times.

Sunday, May 1, 2005
Amanda Shuman 2:15:30 (View Report) Fun in the mud!