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Race Result

Racer: Amanda Shuman
Race: Diamond In The Rough
Date: Saturday, July 9, 2005
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 20 - 24
Time: 2:36:29

Race Report:

From Linmark:
Leg 1 Plc 432
Leg 1 Time 30:34
Leg 1 Pace 30:34
Tran 1 2:11
Leg 2 Name 27MIBIKE
Leg 2 Plc 281
Leg 2 Time 1:24:29
Leg 2 Pace 19.2
Tran 2 0:53
Leg 3 Name 5MIRUN
Leg 3 Plc 226
Leg 3 Time 38:23
Leg 3 Pace 7:41

Overall feeling of race:
Took the GRE the day before and had no sleep for two nights prior to race. Felt like s**t the whole time, especially during the swim but also again during the run. The bike was hilly and I didn't push it. I left for China Monday morning. These were my last reported race times before the two month sabbatical...