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Open Water - Maryland

List of open water swimming in Marlyand
Swimmers Guide

A comprehensive database of swimming pools around the world
Swim Info

The best source of swimming news on the web
Ocean Swims

Best guide to open water and marathon swimming around the world
Propulsion in Swimming

Sheila Taormina discusses the importance of propulsion in swimming; once you have the TI basics down this is the next step
Swimming, the catch

Another good article on propulsion aspect in swimming, including some decent suggestions on when it is time to worry about this stuff.
Open Water - Lake Arrowhead, Luray

Open water swimming down near Shenandoah (and good biking)
Open Water - Beaver Creek Dam

Potential open water swimming out by Ashburn
Conversion Utility

Useful conversion tool for comparing times between long-course meters, short-course meters and short-course yards. This is not a simple ratio but takes into account turns, stroke, etc.



The journal of competitive cycling
Cycling News

Interviews, live race updates, analysis .. the best cycling resource on the web
Bikesport Michigan

Michigan multisport store with lots of useful reviews and articles. The reviews are surprisingly frank for a vendor.
Power Meters, A Geek's Perspective

Intense review of the Polar, SRM, and PowerTap power measurement devices. Quite in-depth and technical, but with a good summary of conclusions
Blue Ridger Cue Sheet

Cue sheets & profile of a popular RATS ride (aka The Marshall Ride)
Bicycle Fit - An in-depth look

Dan Empfield, who pretty much invented the triathlon bicycle industry, discusses the finer points of fitting one's body to one's bicycle. While most people will want a professional fit, this article can prepare you with the right questions for your next f


Track And Field News

The journal of competitive running
Runner's World Online

The world's most popular running magazine

A fairly dense page of news and editorials concerning the world of running
Men's Racing

Comprehensive coverage of US mens track and cross country, with excellent interviews
Fast Women

Comprehensive coverage of US womens track and cross country, with excellent interviews
Run The Planet

Information about running and running clubs in thousands of cities around the world



Dedicated to long-course and ultra-distance racing

Dan Empfield's site --- a hodge-podge of all things triathlon
Race Day Checklist

Excellent, customizable checklist to help you remember all your race-day gear

Clubs - Swimming

Reston Masters

The swim team of many RATS
Potomac Valley Masters

List of all masters program in the Potomac Valley

Clubs - Running

Reston Runners

The running club of many RATS

Clubs - Cycling

Reston Bicycle Club

The bike club of many RATS

Race Calendars

USAT's Calendar

Searchable database of all USAT-sanctioned events (therefore, Triathlantic events will not appear here)
Lin-Mark's Race Calendar

Lin-Mark is one of the largest timers on the East Coast. This calendar lists all the races they do timing for.
Triathlantic Calendar

Triathlantic, and their colorful leader, Brad Jaeger, have their own series of races outside of USAT. Most races are in Maryland and they attract everyone from newbies to professionals seeking prize money.
Tri Find

Tri find is one of the best calendars; it's easy to "search" states by changing the two-letter state code in the URL. Also, their state listings work across metro areas, so the Columbia Triathlon will appear in both MD and VA.

The premier database of USCF bicyle races
Potomac Valley Swim Meets

Downloadable forms for area Masters swim meets; for some reason, swimmers don't seem to like the internet as much as triathletes.
Marthon Guide

Listings of most marathons around the world with athlete reviews; very handy for finding a marathon in a specific date range

Clubs - Triathlon

Mid Maryland Tri Club

Columbia and the environs
Capital Area Triathletes

Alexandria, Annandale, and surroundings
DC Triathlon Club

Washington DC proper
Baltimore Triathlon Club

All the way over there in Bal'more