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Race: Tucson Marathon
Location: Tucson, AZ
Website: http://www.tucsonmarathon.com/
Type: Run - Marathon
Comment: Enjoy beautiful Tucson winter weather with temperatures at the start averaging in the high 30s reaching 65-70 degrees by 11 a.m. This is primarily a downhill marathon. You'll drop 2,500 feet in elevation as you run downhill on a point-to-point course along the beautiful Santa Catalina mountain range. The Old West historical town of Oracle marks the starting line. The course winds along the desert on paved roads and finishes at the base of majestic Pusch Ridge. Be sure to train your quadriceps as you'll be running downhill! (Seriously: this is indeed really hard to run downhill!)

Comments from RATS

1. Alex Rochette: I visited some friends in Tucson, AZ and dovetailed the race at the end of my Ironman season. I was lacking speed/strength and I paid for it. The course is downhill for the most part (some rolling hills for the last third) and is a killer for the quads. The last 7 miles were excruciating for me: 1-13 miles in 1:25, 14-26 miles in 1:34. This was one of my most painful experiences with running (except, maybe, my first marathon... and I didn't train for it).

- Alex Rochette

Sunday, December 5, 2004
Alex Rochette 2:59:29 (View Report) I think the first time I met with the wall. :)