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Race: Esprit - Half Ironman
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada, --
Website: http://www.esprittriathlon.com/
Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Comment: We have designed a criterium course where family, friends, and spectators will be able to watch you continuously as you race against yourself and the clock. We all "pick-it-up" when there is an audience! Our course will keep you in touch with everyone and everything throughout the race. Good luck and a safe race to everyone!

Comments from RATS

1. Alex Rochette: Course Description

SWIM: 2 Km Time Limit: 1.5 hrs

The 2Km swim will be in the Olympic Rowing Basin. The Basin is a 2 Km long, 100 m wide and 3 m deep swimming pool. There is no current in the basin. The water has been tested and is superior for swimming. Wind will have zero wave effect. The expected water temperature will be 22C (around 72F) and we recommend wet suits. The course will be 1 lap of a down-across-and-back swim. Spectators can walk along the basin wall on the stands side and watch the swimmers.

BIKE: 90 Km Time Limit: 5.5 hours

The 90 Km cycle will consist of 20 laps of the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit which is the site of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand-Prix. The 4.4 Km loop has the best road surface in North America. Our computer timing system will count the laps for the triathletes. On each lap you will have access to the aid station or "PITS"(see info on Aid Stations). The distance on your bike computer will give you a good idea of where you are on the course. You can check this against our count which is shown on a large screen video monitor coming out of the hair pin turn. This monitor indicates your bib number and the number of laps which you have completed. REMEMBER, EXIT THE COURSE WHEN THE MONITOR INDICATES 20 LAPS!

RUN: 21.1 Km Time Limit: 8 hours

The 21.1Km half marathon run starts at the back of the Transition Area. You will run directly onto the basin wall and circle the 5.190 Km route 4 times. The course will have you pass to the right of the Finish Line on the water side and through the Triathlete Village. In the TV you will go over any swimmers exiting the basin on our run bridge. This is the only hill on the course! The run is flat and fast. On your 4th lap you will be given a wrist-band. This will signify to the course marshals that you have now completed the half marathon and may enter the "home stretch" to the finish line.

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Alex Rochette 4:19:00 (View Report) 0:33 / 2:19 / 1:22