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Race Result

Racer: Stuart Brandt
Race: Timberman Half Ironman
Date: Sunday, August 20, 2006
Location: Guilford, NH
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 6:29:04
Overall Place: 1073 / 1368
Age Group Place: 155 / 174
Comment: A wet PR

Race Report:

Having drawn bib #666, facing my 13th triathlon, camping in a tent in the pouring rain, and abandoned by my cheering section who didn't feel like being cold and wet for 7+ hrs...I almost packed this one in before it even started. Frustrated with the cold wet conditions during transition setup, I just threw everything in a bag, covered it with my rain coat, put on my wetsuit and headed for the lake where I spent the better part of an hour clearing my head. Smart move.

Swim (34:58):
Conditions on the lake were a bit rougher than last year, so my time was about 1:30 behind last year's. It was also my first race with prescription goggles, so things were a lot more crowded as I was swimming more direct lines to the buoys. Unfortunately I still have to work on getting a good seal on them.

T1 (6:38):
Another minute slower than last year. Maybe the "toss everyting in a bag and sort it out in transition" approach to setup wasn't so smart afterall? Ran through a couple inches of standing water on the way out.

Bike (3:18:38):
Way too tentative in the rain and my time shows it. Another 6:30 slower than last year's time. Also had a slight headwind on the way back. Saw lots of disc wheel riders with flats for some reason.

T2 (4:05):
Gained a minute over last year. Another pair of dry socks were a real treat.

Run (2:24:47):
Slow by most standards, but 21:30 faster than my last year's run here and 3:30 faster than my Eagleman '06 run (in better conditions). Once again had some issues with cramping around mile 8 or 9 so my splits trailed off then, but overall it felt good.

Other noteworthy/inspiring things that weekend:
- 10yr old daughter did Timberkids Tri and had fun
- Ran with the Hoyts for a bit during 70.3 run
- Watched Sarah Reinertsen do the Sprint race on Saturday.

Despite the bad weather, another great Timberman experience.