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Race Result

Racer: Reid Kiser
Race: National Half-Marathon
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2007
Location: Washington, DC
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 1:45:43
Overall Place: 432 / 2306
Age Group Place: 70 / 212
Comment: Didn't realize the second half was going to be hill repeats.

Race Report:

Reposted results based on adjusted course of 13.34 miles:

This was another C race and heart rate/threshold test preparing for the Hawaii 70.3 in June. This was also my first time to run this distance not as part of a marathon. Overall I was very pleased with my performance as running has been a low priority this winter. I am mainly focusing on swimming and cycling this winter given this is my second year of multi-sport.

Given the circumstances (wife's b-day dinner the night before, don't prefer for wet and humid conditions, and had 3 ceiling fans to wire and install later in the day). I didn't have any serious goals except to see what the distance was like running in a race situation and seeing if I can hold zone 4 for 2 hours and what pace that translates into.

It took about 4 miles and 2 Gatorade chugs to wake up and rehydrate. The course was fantastic with lots of new scenery for me (Navy Yard and Anacostia) and lots of people on there porches in the neighborhoods. This was the first time my Garmin sync’d to the Mile markers exactly (well maybe I need to go back and check this since there was a misplaced cone adding 1/4 mile to the course, still within statistical error). I typically register 27+ miles at the MCM. I have tested this with bike computer and trail markers and the GPS was in line with those, so I am always skeptical on race course measurements. Then again, it doesn’t really doesn’t matter since everyone’s running the same course.

At the 10k point, I started to check the pace and heart rate and was in low Zn4 and evaluated if this was a pace I could maintain. All felt well so continued on keeping pace and HR. Around Mile 8, the hills began. I should have done my homework, then again if I had I probably wouldn’t have kept pushing up the hills. The hills worked out well as it motivated me go a little harder and hit Zn5a at the peaks and returning to Zn4 shortly after.

Finally the hills ended as we headed back out of Anacostia and back to RFK. With less than 2 miles to go, it was time to determine if 1:45 was achievable today. It just meant turning in some sub-7 minute miles after a hard day’s work. I did my best to keep pace with a guy I had been leap frogging with on the hills. He took off and I realized that my body and mind was telling me to keep it in Zn 4 and don’t hurt yourself. I recalled that I would need to get up in the attic on stand on a ladder for several hours later on. Not to mention cut holes and play with electricity.

I ended up breaking the 1:50 mark which has been my 13.1 splits for my last two marathons and I was very happy given, my weekly mileage has been 15-20 mile a week this winter. My goals and expectations were achieved.

My goal for my first 70.3 is to finish the whole thing first and foremost, but to run something around 2 hours. I think I am on track as far as training, just need to get in some long bricks in the remaining two months. Hopefully all the time in the pool and clinics/analyses over the off season will pay off (Thanks David, Melissa, and Jason!).

Oh, I almost forgot. The ceiling fans were successfully installed by midnight. What a productive Saturday!