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Race Result

Racer: Katie Davison
Race: Philadelphia Women's Triahtlon
Date: Sunday, July 8, 2007
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 1:28:29
Overall Place: 27 / 670
Age Group Place: 7 / 80
Comment: Team LUNA Chix DC takes #1

Race Report:

Sooo we are not to Philly yet...IN FACT, we are broke down on the side of the road...

Sunday was the Philadelphia Women's Triathlon. The race was a sprint distance triathlon (750m swim, 17 mile bike, 5K run). As a commitment to Team LUNA Chix DC we decided to participate in this event and promote LUNA and the Breast Cancer Fund (BCF). We were also participating in the Expo on Saturday in order to promote and meet and inspire other women (I do not know much more about this Expo as you will soon learn).

Cris, one of my LUNA Chix teammates and one of the coolest people I know, and I had decided to go up to Philly together. I arrived at her place in Alexandria at 11am on Saturday and we departed immediately (I needed to be at the Expo for my 2-4 shift). So Cris, Clay (Cris's boyfriend), and I took off in Cris's trusty Ford. HUH. So somewhere between Baltimore and Philly (Alberdeen to be precise) clunk GRRRrereee. Hmm that does not sound good. The trusty Ford was DONE, transmission was dead, and we were on the side of the road. After about 2 hours spent figuring out where we were and how we would get to Philly or not get to Philly and get home, a tow truck came and towed us to Columbia (yes, we were getting further from our destination). What fun with 3 of us and the tow truck driver in the front seat for 50 miles. We talked about lots of great stuff, including vehicle wrap advertising and what types of cars are most frequently towed. In Columbia we were met by Juile, another superstar LUNA Chix, and Jeff, her boyfriend, who were also running very late. There we determined Cris's parents car would get us to Philly. It was now 5pm and we were 45 miles from DC. HUH. We were definetly going to miss the Expo AND packet pick-up. Fortunately, KC, our most outstanding organizer for this event, worked some deals and got the race director to give her our packets.

We finally arrived in Philly at around 8pm, found some dinner at Lehman's Tavern, and were back at the hotel and in bed by 10pm (at least I was).

So now onto the actual race report...


Finish the race. For 2 years I have had a stress fracture in my femoral neck (bone that connects the femur and pelvis) and have been unable to run. I began working with The Delaneys and Rehab to Racing over the winter to try and get myslef back to running and determine why the fracture was not healing. We found out that my bone density was very low (osteoporosis) as a result of Celiac disease. So since then I have started on a gluten-free diet and I am doing everything possible to increase my bone density. I have been physically feeling a lot better in the past month but still focusing my season on swimming and biking. For this sprint triathlon I had planned to run/walk the 5K.


Overall: 1:28:29 27/670
Swim: 9:40 1/670
Bike: 49:25 20.6 avg 28/270
Run: 27:05 8:45 avg 202/670


Woke up at 5am, packed up, and headed to the race site. We got there around 6am, set-up transition and were ready to race. We got there pretty early...I had time to go to the bathroom my usual 5 or so times.


Swim: Wetsuit or not? The water temperature was 75, making wetsuits legal. I was definitely wearing mine. I am faster, more comfortable, and taking it off only takes maybe 20 seconds. The swim was a point-to-point. So we walked about 1/4 mile down to wear we would enter the water. The waves were by age group. I would much rather an age group start then a swim speed start. This way you have more of a chance to get away from the pack or straggle behind without getting beat up. We were pushed into the water and had to tread water for several minutes before the whistle. Andie, another super LUNA Chix, and I positioned ourselves front center and treaded water waiting for the whistle. This was very unnerving, waiting for the whistle, trying to hold your position, and waiting for the go. Finally we were off. I stayed at the front with a few others and after about maybe 50 meters began to pull away with another girl. The buoys were large and very easy to follow. Then at about the halfway point I pulled ahead of the other girl and took the lead of my wave. Then started to pass some of the wave in front of me. Soon I was at the final buoy, swam quickly to the finish and raced into T1.

Bike: T1 was pretty uneventful, except for the snake that fell out of my wetsuit when I ripped it off. I quickly rid myself of it and was off on my bike. The bike course was 2 loops, flat and quick. My legs felt pretty solid the whole time and I don't think anyone passed me. It was getting to be really hot and I started to think about how awful the run was going to be. I finished up still in 1st for my age group. I was maybe winning?!

Run: Again another successful transition. I quickly came into T2 and was off running. It was such a great feeling to be heading out of T2 running! I can not tell you how excited I was. It was starting to feel like running was something I would never be doing again and maybe only a fantasy. The run was an out and back along a main road. Then I started to feel strange and my vision got weird. NOOOooo "Am I getting a migraine?!" I have gotten migraines since 6th grade maybe 1/month....but had not had one in over a year...and when it happens I am done for the day and need to be in complete darkness. I could not believe it...I had the beginning of a migraine. I told myself to relax and just go with it. So I pretty much lost most of the vision in my left eye. People started to pass me. Ughhh :( I was sad and frustrated but kept running. My hip felt fine...no worse than the hurt of the rest of my body. Everything just hurt from not being used to running at all. The last mile the migraine was full on, but I started to feel better running so I picked it up a bit and probably negative split my last mile and finished strong.


I immediately went into transition to find my migraine medication and my visor. I had not worn sunglasses on the bike or run...bad idea. I think the stress of the day before and being in the lead and the brightness and heat were enough to cause a migraine. After all the LUNA Chix had finished we gathered at our tent and hung out for a bit. All of the team had outstanding performances.

* Team LUNA Chix DC placed 1st in the club competition by nearly 6 minutes

* Bevin won 3rd place in the 30-34 age group and was 13th overall

* Andie was 3rd place in the 25-29 age group and was 15th overall (only two weeks after completing an Ironman)

* Katie had the fastest swim of the day by TWENTY seconds

* Laurie was 9th overall in the duathlon and 2nd in the 35-39 age group

* KC had the 17th fastest bike split of the day averaging a blistering 21.3 mph

* Cris and Julie had solid races placing in the top 25% of our age group

Cris, Clay, and I headed home shortly after and managed to make it home in about 4 hrs. ALLLLRight...


* ALWAYS wear sunglasses

* Drink more water on the bike

* Watch out for river snakes


Team LUNA Chix DC will hopefully represent again at the Philadelphia Women's Triathlon once again next year. It was really cool to do an ALL women's race. It was a great event and we had a tremendous time. Team LUNA Chix DC, you guys are the best. CONGRATS!!!