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Race Result

Racer: Stacy Taylor
Race: Colonial Beach Triathlon
Date: Sunday, July 15, 2007
Location: Colonial Beach, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:20:26
Overall Place: 122 / 304
Age Group Place: 1 / 16
Comment: Short, but Sweet!

Race Report:

Overall Time: 2:20:26
Swim: 17.35.75 (6/16)
Bike: 1.10.13 (1/16)
Run: 49.26 (5/16)
Overall Place: 122/304
Women’s Place: 16/92
Age Group: 1/16

Disclaimers: This is a very small race with a total of 92 females and 304 people over all. This is also a short Oly with a 1k Swim (I heard it may have been even shorter), normal 40k bike (maybe shorter), and the run was just 6 miles. Everyone goes the same distance regardless.

My main goal in this race was to see what I could do on the bike with my new Cervelo P2SL. I didn't go into the race with a specific time in mind, but I wanted to "hammer" on the bike as much as I could (I have never hammered before, but I wanted to try :) I knew that this would probably hurt me on the run, but that was OK, because this race was about the bike, baby!

The Swim: I started out at the back of the women’s wave to help a fellow Z team member who was really, really nervous. I wanted to make sure she was OK. It was only when I felt she was going to be fine and after she said, "Stacy, it's ok, go ahead", that I went. I am glad I was there for her.
What a cluster f*** the start was! There wasn’t much space between the shore and the first buoy, so we were all funneled through a narrow area. It was the most crowded swim start I had experienced yet. I worked my way toward the outside and by the first turn, the field was starting to spread out. My swim time was 17.35.75.

T1: 1.35.60 nothing exciting to report here.

The Bike: Here we go! Usually I am looking most forward to the run, but today it was all about the bike. While most were expecting a flat bike course, we had Intel from Talia and Brian who rode the course the day before that there were some hills and false flats. I started out “fast” for me, and got into a groove. Then I just kept it up the entire 40k. I have never, ever gone as fast on my road bike. The Cervelo just flew and was close to 32 mph at least once (countered by 8.6mph on one of the uphills)! I had a blast, it was so much fun! My time was 1:10:13.

T2: 1.35.65, which was freakishly close to my T1 time. I did fumble around with tying one of my shoes. Oh Well.

The Run: This is a VERY flat out and back course, with very little shade. It was heating up by then and Gatorade would have been great, but they only had water at the aid stations (but there were plenty of them). While I felt pretty good for the first three miles, I began to fade after the turn around and the last two miles were really tough. Here was the payback for the bike. I played my usual mental games to keep myself going, including my favorite bike game, where I tell myself, “The faster I go, the sooner I get done.” And, “It’s going to hurt anyway, but it will hurt for less time”! I was still happy with my finish time of 49:26.

While this may be the only time I come in first in my AG, I am very happy about as it was completely unexpected!