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Race Result

Racer: Reid Kiser
Race: Kinetic Sprint
Date: Sunday, April 20, 2008
Location: Spotsylvania, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 1:36:24
Overall Place: 98 / 568
Age Group Place: 18 / 63
Comment: Only planned on swimming...

Race Report:

then riding my bike without going down, then I guess I should warm back up by running some.

Swim 98(AG-15) 14:49 (1:58/100m)
T1 177(AG-34) 3:15
Bike 132(AG-22) 53:05 (20.35mph)
T2 80(AG-10) 1:29
Run 157(AG-29) 23:48 (7:39mile/min)

I was fully cooked after the Saturday HIM. With the pouring rain, I figured I should just do the swim since I paid for the entry and I need the open water race experience. Swim went well even though the posted time seems really slow. But, I can now say I am moving to the front of the pack of AGers for now.

I am not sure why I rode the bike as I was cold, people were crashing and I wasn't into it.

The run wasn't so bad. I enjoyed the brick training and it helped warm me back up. I was able to catch up with Steve, one of the original RATS, for about 15 seconds as he blew by me on the run.

Unfortunately, MB cut her hand so we had to rush back home to get stitches. I wouldn't of raced had I known sooner what was going on. Sorry we weren't able to catch up with everyone huddled under the RATS tent in the pouring rain.