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Race Result

Racer: Jeff Wolfe
Race: Leesburg 20 K
Date: Sunday, August 9, 2009
Location: Leesburg, VA
Race Type: Run - Other
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 1:43:06
Overall Place: 131 / 331
Age Group Place: 23 / 61
Comment: New way to PR

Race Report:

So.. I found a new way to PR.. even when the weather was hot as h*ll. Run a race distance you have never done before. It was hot and humid before the 7:30 AM start for the Leesburg 20K. Both the 10K and the 20K races started together. Even though most of the race was in the shade, I am not sure it mattered too much. The first 4 miles of this race are slight uphill, followed by a slow 2.5 mile down hill. You turn around on the bike path and follow the reverse home with the last .25 mile uphill.

My goal pace was under 7:45 min/mile. I didnt break 8 minutes for any mile during the day. I settled into an 8:15 min pace for the first few miles even while carrying a bottle of gatorade. I figured (wrongly) I would be able to pick up the pace on the way back. That never happened. In fact, I slowed down on the way back on the downhill. I have never been a great downhill runner but now I know what it might be like to run Boston. My quads are killing me today.

Overall, this was a well run race except for some problems with the results. There was plenty of water and gatorade on the course and I dont think anyone needed medical attention even with the weather. I was 30 seconds per mile slower than I wanted but I guess I just need to call it a hard training day. Since it was my first 20K, I have a new PR and maybe next year it wont be so hot and humid.