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Race Result

Racer: Jose Torres
Race: Prospect Park Fall Duathlon
Date: Sunday, November 14, 2010
Location: Brooklyn, NY, NY
Race Type: Duathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 1:52:25
Overall Place: 53 / 88
Age Group Place: 6 / 8
Comment: My first multi sport event

Race Report:

It ended up not being as cold as forecasted, maybe 40 degrees at start time with an 8-10 mph wind. I had no idea prospect park was so hilly, when we were given instruction the course was being described and I thought the guy must have been joking around when describing all these hills. But I soon found out he was not joking.

Anyway I was brave and started the race with just bike shorts & sleeve bike shirt. The run was OK, finished in 27 minutes which is my average time considering the terrain. When I got on the bike my legs felt a little weak at first, then I was faced with a long hill right away. The bike rice consist of 4 3.35 mile laps. My first lap was 13 minutes. I was disappointed. By this point I had my legs back to normal and began picking up the pace and the next 3 time I did the long hill standing. I completed my last 3 laps in 11 minutes each to finish the bike in just under 48 minutes. When I got off the bike I was not real tired. During the ride I made sure to leave some in the tank for the run, plus the strong head wind and my riding position did not warrant much more effort. The final run I did not run real strong, I wish I had more people around me maybe to pace with but I ended up with like a 33 minutes on the final 5K. I was not panting at the finish so I feel I had a little more to give. But overall I am excited to have completed my first multisport event. I was so concerned about how I would do. Scared I would finish last. I finished 50 out of about 88 and 6th in my age group.