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Race Result

Racer: Jose Torres
Race: Smithfield Sprint Triathlon
Date: Saturday, April 2, 2011
Location: Smithfield, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 1:08:15
Overall Place: 156 / 425
Age Group Place: 6 / 58
Comment: My first triathlon "harder than I thought"

Race Report:

On Saturday April 2, 2011 I competed in my first triathlon and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I've done a couple of Duathlon’s and had a good handle on the bike, transition and run parts. But the swim really added a whole new dimension to this race. Also, I guess they call it a sprint triathlon because you find yourself doing a lot of sprinting. Long story short my goal was 70 minutes and I did it in 68 minutes. But I was generous with my goal.

Swim 6:31 (179)
I was very nervous about the swim; this is my weakest of the three events. In November 2010 when I started Master Swim at the “Y” I need to take a breather after every 50 yards. I was also concerned about my time being off and other folks having to pass me. By the time I started swimming I was going nuts with nerves. I swam OK, got a little winded at around 200 yards. I was passed by the guy behind me and then passed the guy in front of me. I finished the last 50 yards strong, I know think I should not have pushed so hard at the end. I left the fool quite winded and sprinted to my bike for T1.

T1 2.11 (162)
I was nervous about T1 because I had never done a T1 out of a swim. I never ran or rode with out socks and I was not about to start today. So I did a quick dry of my feet, put my socks and shoes on. Jacket, gloves & helmet and jogged the 30 yards out of T1. I was happy this my time in and out of T1, but I was out of breathe the entire time.

Bike 29:37 (76)
This is my strongest part of the three. My goal was to finish under 30 minutes. I have never averaged 20 mph in a race. But I was met with another surprise. I was completely out of breathe when I started the bike portion. My legs also felt tired. This was a big surprise to me. After 3 miles I was pacing under 18 mph and was recovering at every downhill. I felt very discouraged. But right at the 3 mile marker and the first of two left turns I got back my legs and lungs. I started pushing a larger gear at a 85 cadence and started passing folks and holding a 26 mph pace. I saw my average climb and to my surprise with 1 .5 miles to go I finally made it over 20 MPH average for the course. This was very exciting considering how discouraged I had felt 7 miles earlier. So for the first time I averaged 20 MPH in an event.

T2 1:28 (187)
Well T2 started with my 30 yard dash back to my rack. I changed shoes and removed my jacket real quick. But I then took a breather and a quick drink of water. Then another 25 yard sprint out of T2.

Run 28:30 (182)
Well I was really hoping for a 25 or 26 minute 5K. I had a rough start with some cramps in my lower back. But after 1.5 miles I was feeling good and picked up the pace. I also sprinted the last 200 yards. Well I thought I was sprinting. My Ironman Timex stopped working during the run and I did not know what pace I was running. I normally use this device to make sure I am maintaining a pace to finish in 25 or 26 minutes.

Overall I am please and have a lot more respect for the sport today than I did last week. I know I need to work on my swim endurance and foundation running. My next triathlon is in Ocean City NY on May 15th.