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Race Result

Racer: Bill Goodrum
Race: American Cancer Society (Salisbury) Sprint
Date: Sunday, May 2, 2004
Location: Salisbury, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 1:22:51
Overall Place: 63 / 335
Age Group Place: 6 / 21
Comment: If only it stopped after the swim and bike!

Race Report:

Swim and T1 15:15
Bike and T2 39:43 (T2 was 1:21)
Run 27:53

This was the 3rd time I have done this race and is special to me for 2 reasons...it was my first Tri 2 years ago and my mother-in-law recently passed away from cancer.

I have been gone most of the last month on business and this weekend afforded me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with my wife who I had seen almost the same number of times I have seen the pool in the last month. We drove over Sat afternoon and made it in time to pick up the race packet and find the hotel.

Race Day:

Got to the transition area around 7, and was the first to my rack (they assign numbers to racks a big plus). Got a nice end space and got myself set up. It seems each year there is someone unique on my rack. Last year it was the kickstand mountain bike that was set up in the path at the end of the rack for eveyone to fall over. This year it was the pink and white hybrid complete with kickstand and bookrack on the back. His matching white helmet (much like you see 5 y/o's wear on trikes)finished me off. I insisted that my wife get a picture of it. Then I had that overwhelming feeling of anxiety when it dawned on me.."What if that bike was gone when I came out of the water?"


After the pre race meeting, we headed to the water. A balmy 68 degrees this year, the pond not only looked like holding tank for Salisbury's sewage treatment plant but this year smelled like it. GOt a little warm up in and then waited for my wave (3rd). The 30-39 men went right before us wearing white caps. There must have been a lot of new racers this year because it seemed that have the group was on their backs at the 100 meter buoy. With only a 3 minute space, their could be a lot of traffic.

We started and I got could placement near the front with a small pack as we converged on the markers. It is a clockwise course with an in the water start and a beach finish. While I got a good jump my lack of water time was evident because I did not settle in until after I was on the return trip. Got in a nice rhythm though and felt good as I approached the beach. It is an uphill run to the transition area and this year I was able to get out of wetsuit top (I use a DeSoto 2 piece) on the run. I had the best transition I have ever had and was out on the bike in no time.


The bike course is flat out and back 14.5 miles (although my computer said it was 14.84). I felt good and started hammering my way along passing many in the two younger male age groups that had started. No one passed me on the bike and I did catch at least 2 in my group.

This was the first race that I was going without socks. I had tested it during the week on a brick workout and there were no issues. It worked great in T1 and my feet felt fine as I approached the end of the bike. Like everything we do in this sport it helps to practice as much for technique as for remembering to do it at all. As I approached the dismount area I realized I was still in my shoes!!!. Believe it or not I had the good sense to stay in them rather than risk a quick exit and the significant probability that I would fall.
It is funny how little deviations can really mess with you in a race. I could not get out of my bike shoes in a graceful way which made one thing lead to another and a mind boggling 1:21 transition time in T2. Guess I will have to work on it more!


After the bike I was in 39th place!!!! the OFB..IF IT COULD ONLY STOP THERE. But Nooooo we have to run too. My legs felt good but they just don't move fast. Another big area to work on!! Fortunately, I only got passed by 2 people in my age group which means the other 4 were always ahead. And this year the women's winner (on whom I got a 6 minute head start) did not pass me until mile 3!!!! I was able to stay under 8 min/mile so I do feel good about that. Speed work is on the list for this season.


1)I was 2 minutes faster than last year and moved up 18 places in the finish order.
2)FOr short races, the transition practice is really important.
3)Not sure if I will do the sockless deal again. Sand in the running shoes caused me to have a couple of very raw areas but I can see the advantage to doing it.
4)Ravioli in cream sauce, salad, bread sticks and half the wifes chicken parmigana washed down with half a bottle of wine is not the best pre race meal to have (is that why I'm an OFB?)I did not feel very lite in the water let's say.

Big congrats to Brady who was 7th and Guzek in 10th!!!!!!