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Race Result

Racer: Bill Goodrum
Race: ChesapeakeMan
Date: Saturday, October 9, 2004
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Ironman
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 13:07:11
Overall Place: 69 / 148
Age Group Place: 5 / 19
Comment: What an experience and I have the marks to prove it...

Race Report:

Pre Race:

This was the first running of this race. Rob Vigorito who puts on Columbia and Eagleman decided it was time for an IM distance race in our area. The race used much of the same venues as Eman so for it being my first IM distance I figured it would be a good choice: close to home, flat,familiar, and although a first year race Vigorito puts on a quality race.

Showed up Thurs night to check in and spent Fri relaxing and putting together transition bags.


THe swim is supposedly the only point to point IM distance swim in North America. For those familiar with Eman, the swim was from the Hyatt Hotel to Great Marsh Park (where Eman is held).

The race was supposed to start at 7am which would have given us the tide flowing our way. Unfortunately, the fog kept us from starting until 9AM...No fluid, nutrition etc from 6:30-9. Note to self to keep a throw away bottle right up until the start. THe late start also put the tide against us which increased as the swim went on.

My plan was to be steady and comfortable. Unlike Eman I did not have any sighting issues and in fact kept the lead sailboat in sight until the bridge at route 50. If I had to guess I would say I started to slow in the second half. Not sure if it was fatigue, the tide or both. But it did seem to take longer to get to the buoys near the end. Swim time was 1:21:36.


OK...Balance was an issue out of the water and there was no assistance on getting out of the suit. That took a little time. Then in the tent it was packed with no place to dump the bag. I had debated before the race about wearing my tri top under the wetsuit out of concern about the temp on the bike. Very glad that I decided to wear it though or T1 might have been half and hour!! For the future I need to dump all the contents of the bag rather than pick through it. Also I need to train on long rides with tri shorts so I do not have to change into bike shorts for the ride (see run below).


Bike went pretty well. The course was a single 23 +/- loop followed by two 45 mile loops. Special needs was at about mile 68 at the High School where the race finish was. The two long loops take you through the Blackwater refuge. The course is flat but there seemed to be a steady although light wind. With only 148 participants I expected to be alone all day. Surprisingly that did not occur as much as I expected. Traded places a couple of times with fellow rats Al Defazio and Rob Weitzel.
Some items I need to note for the future:
- Although I thought I was going easy the first 30 miles I was still pushing too hard. I would have been better to go even slower and pick it up at the end. I started to have some sciatica fairly early as a result.
- Pay attention to exactly how fluids will be supplied. When they said bottle exchange I thought it would be like Eman where they gave out sports bottles. Instead they handed out regular 16oz water bottles and left the tops on. Had I known I would have used my bottles for sports drink and the aero for water. Worked out but did not drink as much as I might have.
- too many calories on the bike. See run below.

T2 6:06

Again I should have dumped the bag instead of picking through it. I forgot to change out of my bike (very thick pad) shorts. Although I did not notice it on the run itself, I have the perfect outline of the bike pad cut into my rear-end. Very uncomfortable at the moment. Beyond any saddle sore I have ever had.

Run: 5:22

Well my legs felt like mile 11 at Eman when I started. I thought this is going to be a very long night (remember we did not start until 9am so it was 5pm before starting the run). The first mile I walked and ran as I could. Then I decided I would try a 6:1 ratio run and walk. Then after about 4 miles I switched to a 5:1. From mile 2 I was very nauseous. Bloating. Stuck with gatorade, water and an occasional gel. Dropped gel at about 6 miles. After 13 it was hit and miss on the 5:1 til the turnaround at 19. I felt pretty bad at the special needs. Put on another shirt (was cold) and decided to follow what another runner was doing. 100 steps running and 100 walking. So the last 10 k that is what I did. Found that the counting in 20 step blocks using my fingers (brain was gone at this point) kept me focused. Absolutely pitch black for last 2 hours. Never waivered on the 10 k and it was the best part of the marathon. I really did not have a plan for the marathon and it showed. However my adjustments on the fly worked.


I have never felt so sick as when I finished. Went to medical...to lay down..had blood pressure taken and it was elevated so they kept me for a little while. I had relieved myself at mile 24 so I did not think hydration was an issue. Could not stomach food though and passed on the ample food offerrings after the race(it was 10:30 pm). Went back to the hotel and showered which was pleasant with my new rash. Had an Ensure and went to bed. Another Ensure in the AM and some fruit and half a bagel at the awards brunch.

Took my first age group award (awards for 1-5). 69th overall. 55/122 male 5/19 AG, 1st overall master clydes. Not bad for a first timer