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Race Result

Racer: Matt Taylor
Race: Lums Pond Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 28, 2003
Location: Bear, DE
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 25 - 29
Time: 1:47:09
Overall Place: 151
Age Group Place: 15

Race Report:

Short Version:

Swim: 19:47
Bike: 1:02:21
Run: 20:56
Overall: 1:47:09 15/18 Agegroup 151/276 overall

Long, Long Version:

Lums Pond was a last second decision for me. I have been training
for Make A Wish with Bethany and between the hurricane and getting
sick, my training had stumble a bit. I figured, if anything, that
this would be a great training race. What people have not mentioned
so far is that this race was also the "USAT Mid Atlantic Spring
Championship". I put this clarification in for my benefit, because
I experienced paces, and split times that blew me away. Anyway, I
hooked up with fellow RAT Mike Guzek and planned an uneventful trip
up to Deleaware on Saturday. We went to packet pick up, Troy
checked out Guz's bike, and we chatted with him a for a few minutes.
After that we had the usual pasta dinner at the painfully slow Pasta
House, watched some football and crashed.

Race Day

Weather was overcast, slight drizzle but the rain held off. I got a
fairly descent transition spot and set up shop. I ran into Steve in
the restrooms, you can spot a RAT a mile away in those shirts. Not
to mention Steve was sporting some stylish soccer ball pajama
pants. I later met Bill and Gwen, in transtion. Bill and I chatted
during the race meeting, wished each other good luck and I was off
to the beach. My overall goal this race was to beat my spud time of
1:42. The distance was slightly longer in bike and swim, but with
all my training for Bethany I felt like I could do it.


What do they say, never try something new during a race?!?!?! Well,
like all smart triathletes I ignored this advice and decided I was
going to test my drafting skills in the swim. I place my self mid
pack, and I figured if I went hard for the first few hundred, I
could latch on to somone slightly better than me. Well success!!!
I settled in behind someone and we were cruising. Unfortunatley, I
think he ran into someone, because the next thing I know, he shifted
to side stroke, and WHAM!!! I was kicked square in the face. I
recoverd from that and was swimming alone again. Around the first
buoy I hooked up with someone else. But this time, I started to
sight the wrong buoy, and I followed this guy into no mans land. I
believe that the race officials, realized this with some other
swimmers later on and moved the buoy, but to late for me and
lessoned learned. I finished the swim in a disappointing 19:47, and
according to everyone the course was long, and I only made it
longer. Off to the bike...


Fairly smooth transition, although muddy. New lesson learned in
this race, gloves are not worth the effort. I headed out on the
bike. I felt good the entire ride, and averaged a pace of 18.6
mph. The bike was all mental for me, why you ask, or maybe not, but
I'll tell you anyway. This is where my "Sprint Championship"
clarification comes in, people were flying on the bike. All of you
know that ZIPP disc wheels make a very distinct sound, and I heard
that sound a lot. Voooo voooo vooo, here comes another, see ya.
Sigh. I would look down at my computer 19.5 mph, 21 mph, It did not
matter. I was being passed, but at the same time I was happy with
my pace. Got to stay mentally in this and keep going, still have a
run left. I finished in 1:02, I saw beating my spud time was
slipping away. Off to the run...


The run took you out and around a muddy field and then on to the
main road. Off the main road to a service road to a turn around
point and back. It was mostly flat with the occasional dip, and I
felt like I could do well on the run, which I consider my weakest
link. I felt good coming off the back, I had and accelerade on the
bike, and had my hammer gel near the end of the bike. My legs only
took a few minutes to loosen in the muddy field, and I felt real
good when I got to the first road. I did not feel particularly
fast, but I noticed I was passing people. At this point I did not
care if they were Tri, Du, or Relay, I was finally passing people.
I turned on to the utility road, feeling good, even picking up the
pace a bit. Then the best thing happened for me, I started to pass
all those people with fancy wheels. Thats right, If I could have
imitated the VOOOOO VOOOO VOOOO sound I would have. I started
tracking people, you passed me, you passed me, you passed, me SEE
YA!! I felt great. Made the turn around and kept trucking. I saw
Bill on the run and we both managed yelling each others name. I
waited to until reaching the field again before looking at my watch,
1:45, well there goes SPUD but, I want under 1:50. And that was my
home stretch mantra as I kicked into high gear, also gobbling up a
few more people. I finished the run with a PR of 20:56 averaging
6:46 a mile!!!! I could not believe it.

Overall my final time was 1:47:09. I felt great the whole race and
the run was a huge bonus!!! Drafting on the swim is great idea, I
have to pay more attention. I need to get on the bike more, and
push myself a little harder. The club took second place, and I am
glad I could at least fill a slot for the guys. I had a blast.

Congrats to the following RATs:

Steve -For taking 1st and 2nd in what seemed like everything
Gwen - For taking 2nd in Age Group
Mike - For taking 1st in the "Fat Ass" Group
Bill - For taking 2nd in what he calls "The old fat bastard" Group
And the team for 2nd!!!