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Name: Heather Rosso
Location: Oakton, VA
Age Group: Female 50 - 54
About Me: (need to rewrite, but don't have energy now)
What I do to pay the bills: E-Marketing , NeighborWorks America
Short term triathlon goals: Finish Patriots Half
Long term triathlon goals: Qualify for Kona
Fantasy triathlon goals: Win age group at Kona
Three favorite albums: pre-race inspiration or relaxation:
Blue Man Group
Cirque duSoleil's Quidam
Sound of Wind Driven Rain
Favorite book: Island of the Blue Dolphins. I've read it about 10 times now since I first read it as a kid. Next up is Jonathon Livingston Seagull.
Favorite movie: Waking Life.
Chocolate: dark, dark, dark . . . and lots of it.
Garlic: mmmmmmmmm
Blue Cheese: I know cheese is already mold, but this is pushing my limits.
For breakfast, I usually have: Either meusli or a soy shake. Sometimes both, depending on the previous day's workout.
After a long day of training, my favorite meal is: Steamed broccoli and either baked sweet potato or mashed red-skin potatoes. Or grilled cheese and mashed potatoes.
My best triathlon advice is: relax, and as my grandfather used to say, don't forget to breathe
My best non-triathlon advice is: Read in a short story once: "Life is lumpy. The trick is to know the difference between a lump in your oatmeal, and a lump in your breast."
What was I thinking when I signed up for my first race: Is this a question to answer, or is this just what we ask ourselves on a regular basis?
Everything I need to know I learned from: my cousin's nana
My deepest, darkest secret is: This one time, at band camp, . . . .

Race Summary

Race Type # Done PR Race PR
Run - Half Marathon 2 Women's Half Marathon Trail Run (Sep 8, 2007) 3:08:28
Run - Marathon 1
Run - Ultramarathon (Other) 1
Triathlon - Sprint 5 Dewey Beach Tri (Sep 15, 2007) 1:42:08
Triathlon - International Distance 5 New Jersey State Triathlon (Jul 22, 2007) 3:43:38
Triathlon - Half Ironman 1

Race Schedule

Date Name Type Results
Time O.A. A.G.
Apr 29, 2007 St. Anthony's Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance View
4:30:04 3440 / 5109
Jun 16, 2007 Highlands Sky 40 Miler Run - Ultramarathon (Other) View
Jun 24, 2007 Lake Montclair Triathlon (Olympic) Triathlon - International Distance View
Jul 22, 2007 New Jersey State Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance View
Aug 19, 2007 Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon - Sprint View
2:23:35 1116 / 2194 276 / 361
Sep 8, 2007 Women's Half Marathon Trail Run Run - Half Marathon View
3:08:28 167 / 187 43 / 46
Sep 15, 2007 Dewey Beach Tri Triathlon - Sprint View
1:42:08 277 / 314
Sep 22, 2007 Odyssey Trail Half Marathon Run - Half Marathon None
Sep 29, 2007 Bald Eagle Megatransect Run - Ultramarathon (Other) None
Oct 6, 2007 Giant Acorn Triathlon Triathlon - Sprint View
1:46:03 186 / 255
Oct 13, 2007 Hickory Knob Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None
Jun 5, 2010 Shenandoah Valley Sprint Triathlon - Sprint None
Aug 1, 2010 Culpeper Triathlon Triathlon - Sprint View
2:19:14 504
Sep 12, 2010 Patriot's Half Triathlon - Half Ironman None
Oct 16, 2010 Hickory Knob Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None
Oct 31, 2010 Marine Corps Marathon Run - Marathon None