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Name: Rodrigo Garcia
Location: Centreville, VA
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
About Me: 35 Years old, travel quite a bit for work and workout as much as I can
What I do to pay the bills: Engineer, Telecomm
Who defends the ranch when I'm out training: Batman (my siberian husky)
Short term triathlon goals: Ironman sub 12 hour
Long term triathlon goals: don't know
Fantasy triathlon goals: Kona
After a long day of training, my favorite meal is: Grilled Steak with potatoes
My best triathlon advice is: Train with specificity
My best non-triathlon advice is: Don't sweat the small stuff
What was I thinking when I signed up for my first race: Can I even finish this little thing?
Everything I need to know I learned from: The Internet
My deepest, darkest secret is: I ran my first complete mile w/o walking on 12/5/07

Race Summary

Race Type # Done PR Race PR
Run - Marathon 2
Triathlon - Sprint 1
Triathlon - International Distance 2
Triathlon - Half Ironman 1

Race Schedule

Date Name Type Results
Time O.A. A.G.
Apr 20, 2008 Kinetic Sprint Triathlon - Sprint None
Aug 16, 2008 Luray International Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None
Sep 14, 2008 The Nation's Triathlon (TNT) Triathlon - International Distance None
Sep 21, 2008 Ironman Cancun 70.3 Triathlon - Half Ironman None
Oct 26, 2008 Marine Corps Marathon Run - Marathon None
Dec 31, 2008 Fairfax Four Run - Other None
Mar 21, 2009 National Marathon Run - Marathon None