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Race: Luray International Triathlon
Location: Luray, VA
Website: http://www.set-upinc.com/rp5/LurayInternational/lurayInt.shtml
Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Comment: Inaugural race in beautiful Shenandoah Valley, VA!

Comments from RATS

1. Stanislav Yanev: My first International, very good race with a tough bike course.

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Aaron Schwartzbard 2:34:53 (View Report) 27:52 / 2:34 / 1:25:38 / 1:22 / 37:28

Saturday, August 18, 2012
Keith Bohnenberger 3:26:53 (View Report) To run or not to run
Mike Tine 2:46:54 (View Report) Wow, I need to train more on hills!
Stanislav Yanev 3:11:40 (View Report) Side stickers on the run, lots of walking

Saturday, August 13, 2011
Keith Bohnenberger 2:48:12 (View Report) Tough but fun ... as always
Kevin Kunkel
Eric Mackem
Mike Tine 2:37:18 (View Report) Disappointed. Good swim and bike, lousy run. Need to figure out how not to "give in" and walk!
Stanislav Yanev 3:15:47 (View Report) Tough and exhausting race, but a lots of fun as last year.

Saturday, August 14, 2010
Charles Barnes 2:39:00 (View Report) Consistency
Keith Bohnenberger (DNF) (View Report) First DNF
Richard Gendron
Scott Matthews
Mike Tine 2:32:26 (View Report) First race of the double, don't feel in great shape but pushed through
Stanislav Yanev 3:22:10 (View Report)

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Charles Barnes 2:36:04 (View Report) Swam OK, pedaled squares, much too hot on the run
Keith Bohnenberger 2:51:13 (View Report) It's always great to see a bunch of RATs and FoRATs (Friends of RATs)
David Glover (View Report) Race Report from the Race Director's Perspective
David Orton 2:18:02 (View Report) Great Swim, Good Bike, Nuked on the Run
Ryan Parks
Barrett Powers
Doug Steele 2:21:13 (View Report) 2nd Masters
Tiago Stock 2:45:55 (View Report)
Mike Tine 2:36:16 (View Report) Mind threw in the towel at mile 1 of the run. Need to train more!
Dario Tirado 2:26:18 (View Report)

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Tom Barbieri 3:01:49 (View Report)
Charles Barnes 2:32:40 (View Report)
Keith Bohnenberger 2:54:32 (View Report)
David Carson
Rodrigo Garcia
Fabrice Guillaume 2:31:44 (View Report) Great scenic race
Alisa Key
Kevin Kunkel
Ryan Parks 2:21:08 (View Report)
Kevin Shaw
Tiago Stock 2:45:37 (View Report)
Jen Tallman 3:50:34 (View Report) Not as recovered as I though I was...
Stacy Taylor
Mike Tine

Saturday, August 18, 2007
Keith Bohnenberger 2:55:41 (View Report)
Jennifer Burg 3:14:52 (View Report)
Shawn Clark 2:39:38 (View Report) First International
Dan Grove 3:13:24 (View Report) Bad day on a great course
Fabrice Guillaume 2:42:07 (View Report) Up, Down, Up, Down,...
Kevin Kunkel 2:23:54 (View Report) Great Day. Excellent bike course!
Stacy Taylor 2:58:51 (View Report) My swim still sucks, but the weather was perfect!
Richard Volpe 2:42:53 (View Report)

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Scott Baldwin 2:26:40 (View Report) Great first time race
Stuart Brandt 3:24:24 (View Report) Tough course, but great first year for this race
David Glover (View Report) Luray Triathlon Race Report by the Race Director (David Glover)
Tiago Stock 3:18:46 (View Report) first triathlon