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Race Result

Racer: Cynthia Couture
Race: Rotary Resolution 10K
Date: Sunday, January 1, 2006
Location: Leesburg, VA
Race Type: Run - 10 km
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 1:39:17
Overall Place: 457 / 471
Comment: How much difference one MIA course marshal make? 1.72 miles :)

Race Report:

The 10K became a 12.7K due to the lack of a person to tell us "Hey, turn around here, instead of way down there!"

Perfect weather for a run, and Morven Park Estate where the bulk of the run takes place is beautiful. I'd not been able to train for the past 3 weeks with family in town, so the goal was "finish and don't die", which I managed quite well. :)

Out of the start, across a big field, around the fence and over to the Estate and the trails - very pretty. First mile always sucks for me, my body fights me going, "Why are we running? We're not being chased. Stop it!" By the end it usually figures out we are going to run and then cooperates.

On to mile 2 - the deer running through the fields with us was a nice touch. About 3/4 of the way through the mile, got a nasty stitch in my side - slowed down and walked it off. When I saw the split time at the water station (10m7s vs 11m36s for mile 1), I realized *why* I felt like someone had stuck a fork in my side. Hi, pace yourself much?

Slowly walked the water break at the end of mile 2, cause I didn't want that stupid cramp/stitch to come back, but overall still feeling good and enjoying the day and generally amazed that I'm not dying due to the previous three weeks of inactivity.

Hit mile marker 3. This is where it gets interesting... Passed mile 3 thinking, "1 mile til a water break, woohoo!". Hit a fork in the trail, we're directed to go left down to the turnaround then come back and go off on the other fork. No problem. So we go. And go. And keep going. Where is this turnaround? Wow, I gotta walk for few steps. Dang, this is taking FOREVER. Oh joy, a hill. A big hill. With a dead-end! The turnaround! Around and back downhill we all go. But, jeez louise, it's been an hour. I'm slow, sure, but it doesn't take me an hour to go 4 miles, even though I am wearing down and walking a little more. Did we miss the marker? Why didn't they have a water station? My god, how much farther do we have to go? We get back to the fork in the trail, and ask the volunteers there what the mileage is at this point. "Well... I don't know exactly, but there was supposed to be someone down that trail to turn you around...you have all gone at least an extra mile (turned out to be a whole bunch extra..) Oh. My. God. Fortunately, the "Mile 4" marker was not too far off, WITH WATER!

Walk the water break again, I nearly picked up and hugged the little girl passing out the cups. All form has gone out the window. I have the style of a 6 year old being chased by a bee. I'm just sort of bouncing down the trail singing along to my ipod. Walking every now and again, but only for short periods still. I am determined that I am gonna run as much as I can. Hopefully without barfing at the end like last time. :)

Final mile. Volunteer tells me "Wow, you've still got some bounce in ya! That's great!" Bounce, seizure, whatever ya want to call it. But hey, just a mile left. One mile. That's it. I can go a mile. I can totally go a mile. We come out of the Estate on to the side road that leads back to the fields and the FINISH LINE. I ask another volunteer - is that really the field I think it is? Yes. Woohoo!! As I pass through the gates, of all the things to pop up on the ipod, I get "Scotland the Brave" on bagpipes. I think about my ancestors. Clan Wallace. And damned if I am going to not continue the tradition of kicking ass. Out of nowhere I let out a battle cry as I am going across the fields (I've lost all grip on reality at this point anyway, what's a little yelling?) The finish line finally gets there and I manage one little last psychotic burst to go sprinting the last bit, they call my name as I come across (that was cool) and I get high fived by someone as I am screaming "HOT DAMN! I did it!" Then I fall on my butt in the corral and decide not moving feels REALLY good. Another volunteer comes over, gives me a bottle of water, asks if I'm OK - I've got an ear to ear grin - "Yeah, I actually am OK!" I'm tired as all get out, but I can honestly say I don't feel BAD. "Well, congrats, you just ran 7.9 miles." I near fell over right there. The 6.2 originally planned would have been a distance best for me - kinda kicked that out of the park. :)

And now I have to go find a Sharpie and fix the mileage number on my shirt.

7.92 miles, personal best for distance. 12m32s miles.