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Race Result

Racer: Anne Pastorkovich
Race: Triple Crown Races
Date: Saturday, May 19, 2007
Location: Alexandria, VA
Race Type: Other - Other
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 0:11:21
Comment: Fun! Different!

Race Report:

Three consecutive races (about ten minute break between):

Kentucky Derby (1.25 miles)
Anne Pastorkovich 42 Fairfax VA 11:21 (#5 filly)

Preakness (1.1875 miles) *not sure why this changed from 2003...
Anne Pastorkovich 42 Fairfax VA 10:46 (#5 filly)

Belmont (1.5 miles)
Anne Pastorkovich 42 Fairfax VA 14:24 (#5 filly)


This race is lots of fun. However...

I know I ran MUCH better when I did this last time in 2003. My results at that time:

Kentucky Derby Distance (1.25 miles)
Anne Pastorkovich 38F Fairfax VA 10:34 (#3 filly)

Preakness distance (1.125 miles)
Anne Pastorkovich 38F Fairfax VA 9:25 (#2 filly)

Belmont Stakes distance (1.5 miles)
Anne Pastorkovich 38F Fairfax VA 12:37 (#2 filly)

Highly recommend this for those looking for something different.

Horse-themed prizes to top stallions and fillies in each race. A couple random prizes, too.

The first time I did this race, I actually did pretty well and won a very cool anthology of "horse literature." The race director does a very nice job with this race. It's a small race with a fun theme and he's got a sense of humor. There were apples and carrot juice mixed in among the goodies. There is a small, but spirited, crowd that shows up. Not everyone does all three races and you can pick one, two, or three. If you want a good workout, run three.

You pass horses along the route, too, and sometimes they watch you run by.

For me, the 2007 running was illustrative of the point that when one does not do one's repeats, one's race times severely suffer and one does not get to win, place, or show as before.

This summer's prescription: track repeats.