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Race Result

Racer: Anne Pastorkovich
Race: Medfield Day 5K
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2007
Location: , MA
Race Type: Run - 5 km
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 0:29:58
Comment: FINALLY! =:-o

Race Report:

I was beginning to think I'd never stop the upward slide of my finish times, since my foray these past two years into being a field event athlete (i.e., a thrower). Finishing under 30 made me feel better. I can get "it" back and work my way toward the mid 20s again. This was a tiny race (about 85 people, i'd say). It is definitely not a fast course, but it had a very fast field. I'm sure they would accommodate whomever comes out, but like with many Boston area races, the runners are very fast and fit and you won't see anyone walking at all. There were only about 20 people behind me by my estimate and they were very close behind - all of them, I'd say (without looking at results yet - they aren't up yet) were in by 35:00.