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Race Result

Racer: David Orton
Race: VA Run Turkey Trot 5K
Date: Thursday, November 22, 2007
Location: Centreville, VA
Race Type: Run - 5 km
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 0:20:51
Overall Place: 107 / 2593
Age Group Place: 5 / 96
Comment: Another Fun Run Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Race Report:

I went into this race with a very little prep and treated it like a fun run before the big meal. I'd been taking time off since MCM and only ran a few time before the race. Karolina and I were late lining up which meant I started further back then normal. I didn't get much of a warm-up and got that 'burning feelng' when my HR went from 90 to 150 in the first quarter mile. I had to run around a lot of people, but it wasn't too bad. I started to hurt around 1.75 miles and backed off a bit trying to hold a strong pace but not kill myself. I held steady all the way to the finish without much kick :(

Overall, I had a good race. I was happy with my time and have a good baseline to work from this off season. After the finish all the Principle Fitness guys hung out and exchanged stories. Eric was glowing from his awesome race (3rd overall in 16:17). Karolina also had an good race finishing about 30 seconds off her PR. Not bad for both of us given the minimal training and laid back approach to the race. It was the perfect start to Thanksgiving.

Mile 1 - 6:27 HR - 158
Mile 2 - 6:39 HR - 177
Mile 3 - 6:50 HR - 180
Mile .1 - 0:52 HR - 184

Total - 20:51 HR - 172