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Race Result

Racer: Anne Pastorkovich
Race: Fall into Winter 10K
Date: Sunday, December 7, 2008
Location: Reston, VA
Race Type: Run - 10 km
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 1:08:08
Comment: My face was frozen... but I had fun. (Fall into Winter 10K Race Report)

Race Report:

This was the second holiday-themed race of the weekend for me. My husband and I also did the Reindeer 5K, which is the new addition to the long standing Rudloph's Red Nose 10K and BabySantaJoggerBoogie 10K.

With the Reston Runners Fall into Winter 10K, running on South Lakes before the turn back onto Colts Neck was so blankety-blank cold!!! Fortunately, it was the end of the race. I couldn't feel my face for a couple minutes. I was blowing into my gloved hands to get some warm air going. If you were one of the three triRats whom I see from the web page ran this race, I'm sure you know what I mean. C-c-c-old. (And I'm from Massachusetts and actually like the cold most of the time.)

I just adore the retro plastic penguins all over the course for this particular race. I love the strange motivational messages written on signs randomly posted about the course. "Run like you stole something." Precious.

I was wiped out this weekend and just enjoying a nice slow six miles and change and just being out in this race with so many happy runners restored my happy Christmas moood. (I can go Grinch so easily.) All it takes is a few plastic penguins and a long run in the cold to perk me up.

Worse joke ever posted inside the Community Center, amidst the stuffed penguins decorating the room:

Why don't penguins get married?
Because they have cold feet!

So bad, it's actually funny.

The Reston Runners go for quality over quantity with their races. I belong to a couple other clubs with longer calendars, but absolutely no one puts on a race like Reston Runners or manages weekend runs with so much camraderie and occasional goofy fun. The Women's Distance Festival is a work of absolute brilliance, too. The club has but two club races a year and they are both absolutely awesome.

For those who like goody bags (who doesn't really?!) you get a Brooks long-sleeve tech shirt with the race logo on it and Sock Guy race logo socks as well. Not only is the race really well done and impeccably managed, you get good, useful stuff for your entry fee.