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Race Result

Racer: Gwen Corley
Race: Eagleman
Date: Sunday, June 13, 2004
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 6:02:52
Age Group Place: 40 / 60
Comment: Ouch, ouch , ouch

Race Report:

Eagleman Race Report

This was my first Half Ironman race. The race organizers had a sense of humor and put a V on the back of the hands of first timers, for Virgin. In some respects losing my Ironman virginity was much like losing my virginity the first time around, i.e. painful and disappointing. Thankfully, however that it where the loss of virginity analogy ends. I had high hopes for this race of being able to finish around the 5:30 mark but this was not to be. So I will minimize the details of the race and emphasize the other highlights of the Eagleman experience.

The Swim:
Choppy, Salty, Frustrating. Got stuck in the crowd and was continually clobbered by a fellow age grouper who kept swimming into me. (or was it the other way around? I couldnít tell) I just couldnít seem to get out of the pack.

The Bike: Much slower than anticipated. Legs felt tight and painful almost the whole way. Never seemed to get much momentum. Maybe Iím more cut out to be a ďCasio riderĒ as I like to climb and do better on a hillier course. OR..my motor just isnít revved up enough to go this distance at 20mph which is what I was hoping for. So I figure I have more base training next winter and as Guz points out, I should get faster as I get older!

The Run: Slow and steady. Gave it my best effort and HR was in zone 4 the whole way so I was proud of that.

Highlights that really made the weekend:
My homestay hostess was a real peach! She fretted over Christine, and me like a mother hen. Made salmon and pasta and fresh salad for dinner. Got up with the next morning. Refused to let me wash the frying pan I used to make breakfast with. Got me some rubber bands, Ďcause I left the official ones for the areo drink thingy at home. She lived close enough to the transition area that I was able to ride my bike over there, and back again when I realized I left my chip in the car. Nancy was just great all the way around! I will do this race again just to be able to stay with Nancy again.

The ART therapist was a magician! Took care of my hamstring strain in a matter of minutes and it is still feeling pretty good.

Hooked up with Stan Smith for Iron Prayer on Sat. at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency gazebo and got a free Tri 4 Christ t-shirt.

Finally met the OFBís lovely wife, Catherine and got to hang out with them some after the race. Bill actually intercepted me right after the race and let me join him in the chow line, even though I didnít feel much like eating and I was valiantly trying to maintain a stiff upper lip. We also exchanged intimate details about what is was like to pee on the bike and other tidbits that us newbies obsess about.

Met Bradís lovely wife, Lisa, who was rather perky and energetic for someone who is seven months pregnant.

Hung out with the Frostinator at the awards ceremony and politely debated about who was in more pain. I had to acquiesce that he probably did hurt more since his calf had seized on him after the race. But he has never gone through labor so I have one up on him in that department.

Speaking of labor pain, the pain of the race is quite similar in that it is quickly forgotten and Iím ready to go through it again!

Thanks to Steve who helped Brad and I celebrate the loss of our virginity by changing our Vís to stars.

Saw other RATS, which added to the energy and excitement of the event. Great to see you all! Now I can honestly say I know what all the hype is about regarding this race and despite my poor performance itís still a PR Ďcause it was the first one.