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Race: Eagleman
Location: Cambridge, MD
Website: http://www.tricolumbia.org/eagleman.html
Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Comment: Hawaii qualifier, flat course, the bike is often windy and the run is exposed, so it can be hot. The race draws a very competitive field, including top-tier pros.

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Stanislav Yanev 6:13:03 (View Report) My first haf IM

Sunday, June 12, 2011
David Orton 4:45:41 (View Report)

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Charles Barnes 6:05:57 (View Report) Uh, so where are my cycling shoes??
David Orton 5:03:48 (View Report) Hot
Barrett Powers
Tiago Stock
Tim Strobeck 5:19:51 (View Report) Cambridge MD could be confused with the surface of the sun

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Lisa Albrecht
Ryan Albrecht
Erik Melis 6:17:37 (View Report) 70.3 distance PR by 16 minutes **long report**
David Orton 4:49:35 (View Report) Not Bad Considering...
Ryan Parks
Ted Purnell 6:37:34 (View Report) This is what happens when you don't train...
Donna Rostant 5:41:57 (View Report) A PR for 70.3
Chip Shewbridge
Doug Steele 4:40:50 (View Report)
Tony Stocker
Karen Tine
Dario Tirado 4:56:11 (View Report)

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Tom Barbieri 6:20:44 (View Report) Wow!
Shawn Clark
Katie Davison
Craig Ellis 4:49:50 (View Report) Hot as hell
Denise Ennis 7:22:32 (View Report) It's all about the choices we make
Reid Kiser 5:04:48 (View Report) "The swim is the easiest part of the race, enjoy it while it lasts" Danny Brienza
Kevin Kunkel
David Orton (DNF) (View Report)
Matthew Schneider
Kevin Shaw 5:51:51 (View Report) Man that was "stupid hot"
Stacy Taylor 5:59:02 (View Report) Two PRs in one day. One was good, the other well earned.
Mike Tine (DNF) (View Report) Hot, trouble breathing, mentally broke down

Sunday, June 10, 2007
Stuart Brandt 6:19:42 (View Report) Probably won't see conditions this ideal again
Brady DeHoust 4:08:00 (View Report) Enfuego
Denise Ennis
Holly Gannoe 8:24:40 (View Report) :) Great Day
Kevin Kunkel 4:33:18 (View Report) Better, but not good enough
Miro Lehky
David Orton 5:08:42 (View Report) My first Half Ironman (70.3)
Ted Purnell 5:51:23 (View Report) Finally under 6! Conditions were perfect.
Stacy Taylor 5:45:47 (View Report) I love this race!

Sunday, June 11, 2006
Stuart Brandt 6:38:21 (View Report) Second time at this distance
Veronica Crandall
Katie Davison
Brett DeWitt
Denise Ennis 7:39:49 (View Report) Learn from my mistakes!
Bill Goodrum
Nick Karim 5:23:00 (View Report)
Bradford Kirley 7:17:03 (View Report)
Kevin Kunkel 4:52:09 (View Report) First half (I mean 70.3) great race, bad transitions!
Michael McClenahan
Bob Tucker 5:12:37 (View Report)
Ted Waugh

Sunday, June 12, 2005
Kristin Adkins 6:10:27 (View Report) Team Where's Waldo?
Scott Baldwin 5:19:06 (View Report) nothing special
Charles Corbin
Katie Davison
Cathy Friedel
Dan Frost 4:32:27 (View Report) "Take ONLY what you need" -or- "Examples of unmerited grace"
Steve Giorgis 4:59:40 (View Report) Lots of fun, especially if you are not "racing"!
Bradford Kirley 7:10:48 (View Report)
Antonio Panizza 5:45:59 (View Report) HOT HOT HOT WEATHER
Ted Purnell 6:23:46 (View Report)
Alex Rochette 4:55:00 (View Report) Tired from Brazil, hot day... but mission accomplished.
Steve Smith 4:14:49 (View Report) That's more like it ... 28:51 / 2:13:36 / 1:28:44
Paul Spencer 5:14:04 (View Report) Yes it was hot.
Mike Tine 5:46:02 (View Report) Hot and tired
Nancy Toby
Ted Waugh 4:40:33 (View Report)
Rob Weitzel 5:13:00 (View Report) Injured, Undertrained Windy and Hot Ughhhh!

Sunday, June 13, 2004
Gwen Corley 6:02:52 (View Report) Ouch, ouch , ouch
Brady DeHoust 4:36:49 (View Report) I guess it's bound to happen...
Dan Frost 4:22:10 (View Report) "How Now, Iron Cow?" -or- "Just a training day?"
Steve Giorgis 5:12:06 (View Report) What was I thinking??
Bill Goodrum 5:09:54 (View Report) Good Karma
Mike Guzek 4:33:07 (View Report) Great race conditions. I was pleased with my effort.
Michelle Henry
Antonio Panizza 5:30:26 (View Report) I had a 4 minute penalty for incorrect passing
Brad Payne 5:46:32 (View Report) Thanks again to my wife and the RATS crew for their support!
Alex Rochette
Amanda Shuman 5:53:43 (View Report) icky, icky water but... I DID A FREAKIN' HALF IRONMAN!
Steve Smith 4:25:06 (View Report) Ouch, not my best day ... 30:07/2:15:50/1:34:49
David Williams
Michael Yarnoff

Sunday, June 8, 2003
Brady DeHoust 4:40:55 (View Report)
Mike Guzek 4:42:15 (View Report)
Antonio Panizza 5:19:29 (View Report)
Ted Purnell 6:15:37 (View Report)
Matthew Talbot 5:08:30 (View Report)

Sunday, June 9, 2002
Brady DeHoust 4:37:53 (View Report) 4-minute penalty for illegal pass.
Mike Guzek
Antonio Panizza 5:13:27 (View Report)
Ted Purnell 6:00:23 (View Report) Half Ironman PR

Sunday, June 3, 2001
Mike Guzek
Antonio Panizza 5:22:49 (View Report)
Ted Purnell 7:04:46 (View Report)

Sunday, June 4, 2000
Ted Purnell 6:28:28 (View Report)

Sunday, June 6, 1999
Antonio Panizza 5:08:48 (View Report) Grandmaster - my Eagleman PR!