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Name: Rob Weitzel
Location: Reston, VA
Age Group: Male 55 - 59
About Me: Started in triathlon in 1997, and worked my way up to the ironman distance...
Great Floridian Ironman 1999 13:48
Great Floridian Ironman 2000 11:24
Ironman California 2001 11:49
Ironman Florida 2002 11:51
Ironman Florida 2003 11:16

Completed other assorted duathlons & triathlons
Reston Triathlon best time 2:19
Eagleman 1/2 IM best time 4:49
To The Point 1/2 IM best time 4:54
Columbia Triathlon best time 2:25
SPUD Triathlon best time 2:17
Marine Corps Marathon 1998
What I do to pay the bills: Network Engineer for the US Geological Survey
Who defends the ranch when I'm out training: That would be my (2) cats
Short term triathlon goals: Stay as fit and injury free as possible
Long term triathlon goals: Break the 11 hour Ironman barrier w/a sub 4 hour marathon
Fantasy triathlon goals: Swim 2.4 miles in an Ironman in an hour or even 1:15!
Three favorite albums: RUSH Exit Stage Left
U2 Under a Blood Red Sky
Favorite book: Call of the Wild
Favorite movie: HEAT
Shawshank Redemption
Breaking Away
Chocolate: Hot Fudge Sundaes ummmmmm! Or frozen custard
Garlic: always use it in my foods when I cook
Blue Cheese: good on filet mignon, and hamburgers as well as my salads
For breakfast, I usually have: Protein shake, Or bagle w/cream cheese, cream of wheat or rice, an apple, V8, water OJ.
After a long day of training, my favorite meal is: Anything greasy and fat, however my immediate meal is a protein shake with soy milk choclate protein powder, (2) bananas, and a cup of blue berries and a V8 and lots of water
My best triathlon advice is: Like a boy scout be prepared. Train properly, and take the time to get your race gear, bike etc in order before race day. WIth a sound body, and peace of mind, and solid equipment should help one get to the finish line in good shape
My best non-triathlon advice is: Put your priorities in order, life is way to short
to sweat the small stuff. Love your family and friends because they are important, and you'll need their support through this life of triathlon, but just remember that there is also more to life than tris too.
What was I thinking when I signed up for my first race: I was shaking like a leaf, sick to my stomach and when the gun went off I almost passed out because the anxiety was so high. This was Reston 1997, now things aren't so bad if I know I'm prepared, it is just like any other training day.
Everything I need to know I learned from: Fitness Concepts and asking tons of questions of fellow RATs
My deepest, darkest secret is: If I told you that it would no longer be my deepest darkest secret. However one of the most stupid things I have ever done was going on a camping trip with my daughter and packing everything except my clothes which were left in a bag on my kitchen table.

Race Summary

Race Type # Done PR Race PR
Bike - Century 1
Run - 10 km 1 Rotary Resolution 10K (Jan 1, 2004) 0:43:22
Run - Half Marathon 2 LAWS 1/2 Marathon (Sep 26, 2004) 1:28:09
Run - Marathon 1 Marine Corps Marathon (Oct 31, 2004) 3:14:00
Triathlon - International Distance 2 Columbia Triathlon (May 23, 2004) 2:28:48
Triathlon - Half Ironman 1 Eagleman (Jun 12, 2005) 5:13:00
Triathlon - Ironman 2 Duke Blue Devil (Oct 8, 2005) 5:21:00

Race Schedule

Date Name Type Results
Time O.A. A.G.
Jan 1, 2004 Rotary Resolution 10K Run - 10 km View
0:43:22 44
May 23, 2004 Columbia Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance View
2:28:48 133 21
Jun 13, 2004 Spud Long Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance View
2:31:16 49 / 361
Aug 29, 2004 Reston Century Bike - Century None
Sep 26, 2004 LAWS 1/2 Marathon Run - Half Marathon View
1:28:09 7 / 472 2
Oct 9, 2004 ChesapeakeMan Triathlon - Ironman View
11:34:00 3 / 25
Oct 31, 2004 Marine Corps Marathon Run - Marathon View
3:14:00 217 / 18000
Dec 4, 2004 Belle Haven 1/2 Marathon Run - Half Marathon View
1:28:28 17 4
Jun 12, 2005 Eagleman Triathlon - Half Ironman View
5:13:00 285 / 1434 54 / 207
Oct 8, 2005 Duke Blue Devil Triathlon - Ironman View
5:21:00 1