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Race: Columbia Triathlon
Location: Ellicott City, MD
Website: http://www.tricolumbia.org/Columbia/
Type: Triathlon - International Distance

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Ed Doe

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Lisa Albrecht
Ryan Albrecht
Erik Melis 3:09:47 (View Report) Tough race as always but with a 1.5K swim PR
David Orton (DNF) (View Report) Aqua-Velo
Matthew Schneider
Doug Steele 2:21:28 (View Report) 25:11 / 1:09:15 / 45:14
Tim Strobeck 2:31:03 (View Report) Holy Hills Batman

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Fabrice Guillaume 2:33:50 (View Report) Finally got my swim and bike together - run was so so though
Erik Melis 3:01:57 (View Report) PR for Columbia and at Oly distance
Mairead Melis
Stacy Taylor

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Holly Gannoe 4:12:35 (View Report) Love this race!
Miro Lehky
Ted Purnell 3:08:10 (View Report)
Stacy Taylor 3:03:31 (View Report) I love those downhills!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Gwen Corley
Brett DeWitt
Corey McDaniel 4:19:12 (View Report) eqip. malf. (broken pedal, at that point it was only about finishing
Erik Melis 3:10:35 (View Report)
Amanda Shuman 2:47:20 (View Report) Was not into this race mentally
Matt White

Sunday, May 22, 2005
Kristin Adkins 3:11:21 (View Report) PR at Columbia, incredible day
Scott Baldwin 2:26:23 (View Report)
Greg Bishop 3:27:50 (View Report) Beautiful day for an event
Keith Bohnenberger 2:59:43 (View Report) still a tough race but finished with a smile
Stuart Brandt 2:58:02 (View Report) First Oly
Dan Frost 2:14:01 (View Report) Slower = Better? It sure is.
Steve Giorgis 2:22:38 (View Report) First race of the season, and it showed!
Corey McDaniel 3:07:44 (View Report) Had other things on my mind
Ted Purnell 2:47:33 (View Report) LONG Report, PR by 18:41!
Alex Rochette (View Report)
Amanda Shuman 2:42:32 (View Report) Great weather for a nice bike and run!
Steve Smith 2:03:26 (View Report) Almost there ... but a lonely race ... 19:35 / 1:04:47/ 36:24
Doug Steele 2:27:58 (View Report) 26:06/2:04/1:11:47/1:45/46:19
Matt Taylor 2:52:06 (View Report) 34 Minutes
Nancy Toby 4:06:58 (View Report) My first Olympic distance: view from the BOP
Jeroen van Ek

Sunday, May 23, 2004
Keith Bohnenberger 3:06:16 (View Report) yikes
Brady DeHoust (DNF) (View Report) Swim, Labor, Dad
Dan Frost 2:11:53 (View Report)
Sam Fuson
Steve Giorgis
Mike Guzek 2:44:18 (View Report) Had a bike glitch but I still made it.
Diana Laird
Corey McDaniel 2:58:05 (View Report) VERY much improved over 2003 :)
Brad Payne 2:59:03 (View Report) Its all downhill from here...except for the uphill parts...
Alex Rochette 3:29:00 (View Report) Two (2) flats...
Steve Smith 2:05:59 (View Report) 2nd amateur on a hot day after a rough two weeks of work
Matthew Talbot 2:28:08 (View Report) Africa Hot!
Matt Taylor 2:58:26 (View Report) Hot Hot Hot
Rob Weitzel 2:28:48 (View Report) Hot-Humid-Hilly
David Williams
Michael Yarnoff

Sunday, May 18, 2003
Brady DeHoust 2:28:00 (View Report) Classic Columbia tri weather.
Mike Guzek 2:22:39 (View Report) Cold Cold Day
Corey McDaniel 3:55:33 (View Report) First Olympic Tri in 10 years
Antonio Panizza 2:49:49 (View Report)

Sunday, May 19, 2002
Brady DeHoust 2:28:36 (View Report)
Mike Guzek 2:25:43 (View Report)
Antonio Panizza 2:41:54 (View Report)
Ted Purnell 3:12:53 (View Report)

Sunday, May 20, 2001
Brady DeHoust 2:44:32 (View Report)
Mike Guzek 2:30:18 (View Report) My first time doing columbia.
Antonio Panizza 2:32:22 (View Report)
Aaron Schwartzbard 2:33:52 (View Report) IT band problem destroyed run - 24:36 / 2:03 / 1:13 / 0:52 / 52:51

Sunday, May 21, 2000
Brady DeHoust 2:40:43 (View Report)
Antonio Panizza 2:31:13 (View Report) Grandmaster - my Columbia PR!
Ted Purnell 3:06:14 (View Report)
Aaron Schwartzbard 2:30:56 (View Report)

Tuesday, May 25, 1999
Antonio Panizza 2:32:48 (View Report)
Ted Purnell 3:20:05 (View Report) First International Distance Race

Sunday, May 18, 1997
David Orton 2:21:35 (View Report) 1997 Junior Nationals