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Race Result

Racer: Alex Rochette
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2004
Location: Ellicott City, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 3:29:00
Comment: Two (2) flats...

Race Report:


It was my first Columbia Triathlon and I had a good time. I was using it as a training/rehearsal for Eagleman Half Ironman (test swim and bike pace among other things). Swim: slow and conservative pace... too slow and too conservative. Bike: I am happy with my bike pace... only, I blew two tires and needed "sag car team" assistance (hence DQ) to help me with the second mishap. Run: The run was slower than what I was aiming for but went relatively well given the heat and the hills (actually not too shabby when I compare my time to some fleet-footed racers).

Swim: 0:35
T1: 0:03
Bike: 2:06 (!)
T2: 0:01
Run: 0:44
Total: 3:29


Swim: I am quite an awful swimmer. I have started to attend the Reston Masters workouts last week and hopefully this will help me fix this glaring weakness by the fall (Ironman Florida). I only started to swim four weeks ago (after Boston) and I was wondering what would happen over one mile. I actually felt quite alright... which with hindsight, given my pace, is almost a given. I should have pushed harder. Oh, well.

T1: Uneventful. Which is a testament to the quality of the race organization: I was amazed by the fluidity of the transitions.

Bike: My goal here was to test my pace in race conditions for Eagleman and keep an eye on my HR. I was quite pleased to see that, at my goal pace (20 mph), my HR was staying within a 155-160 range. That is for the first half hour... as I blew two tires within 5 minutes of each other (I tried to clean the tire... but apparently not enough or I was unlucky twice). (I heard there was glass on a portion of the course.) I had changed my inner tubes the day before... so I take it with philosophy. I needed assistance after the second flat. The sag car arrived after about 45 minutes (two emergency cars had stopped and asked how I was doing already: again, kudos to the organization). They changed my tire (and pumped a bit less air to reduce the chances of a third flat), called their base to mention the external assistance I had received (DQ), and sent me on my way. Thanks guys! I finished the bike course with the folks of the last wave... ;) I estimate that I would have finished in 1:16/1:18.

I am taking it as a wake-up call: Iíll bring two inner tubes and probably a tire at Eagleman (I have to finish this one!).

T2: I jump into my running shoes and I am on my way. My mile splits were as follow:

1- 6:18
2- 7:03
3- 7:30
4- 7:54
5- 7:29
6- 6:49

This is a mean course. I hadnít had a look to the run course beforehand and I was stunned by some of the hills (as reflected by my mile splits). I didnít push as hard as I could but I put some effort into it. As usual (more than usual given my problems during the bike leg), I caught up with a lot of people. The heat was taking its toll and a lot of people were walking up the hills.

Final chute. Food. Fluids.

Thatís all folks. Iíll see some of you at Eagleman.

Take care,