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Name: Michael Yarnoff
Nickname: Mike
Location: Reston, VA
Age Group: Male 60 - 64
About Me: Your basic average dude who likes to get out and play now and again.
What I do to pay the bills: Contractor/consultant
Who defends the ranch when I'm out training: Wiser and better half (Ilene), and attention challenged chocolate lab (Lucy)
Short term triathlon goals: faster...faster...faster
Long term triathlon goals: reach nirvana... no, find self-actualization... no, race faster
Fantasy triathlon goals: battling the Big Horse on the bike on the Queen K... then I wake up
Chocolate: yeah, bro!
Garlic: good for other things besides vampires
Blue Cheese: like it, but don't keep any in a scrap book
For breakfast, I usually have: whatever I can scoop up on my way out the door
After a long day of training, my favorite meal is: pasta with hot Italian sausage and a good California Cab-- oh, yeah, after that a Dove bar
My best triathlon advice is: Race hard, but try to avoid having religious experiences and speaking in strange tongues at the finish line.
My best non-triathlon advice is: If someone offers you a breath mint, take it.
What was I thinking when I signed up for my first race: Seems like an interesting thing to do on a quiet Sunday.
Everything I need to know I learned from: my late, great golden retrievers
My deepest, darkest secret is: Despite the emphasis of triathlon in my life and a fancy bike, I'm really a MOPer. OK, I admitted it. Now I don't have to shave my legs.

Race Summary

Race Type # Done PR Race PR
Bike - Metric Century 1
Triathlon - International Distance 3
Triathlon - Half Ironman 1
Triathlon - Ironman 1

Race Schedule

Date Name Type Results
Time O.A. A.G.
May 23, 2004 Columbia Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None
Jun 13, 2004 Eagleman Triathlon - Half Ironman None
Aug 15, 2004 Son of Spud Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None
Aug 29, 2004 Reston Metric Century Bike - Metric Century None
Sep 12, 2004 Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon - Ironman None
Sep 25, 2004 Make-A-Wish Sea Colony Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None