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Race Result

Racer: Steve Smith
Race: New York City Triathlon
Date: Sunday, August 18, 2002
Location: New York, NY
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 2:09:29
Overall Place: 4
Comment: Solid swim & first sub-40 10K in a triathlon

Race Report:

I had a really solid race. I swam a good swim, only two minutes outside of the fastest time. Wetsuits were illegal. In all honesty, I think the later waves (including mine) got a bit of a lift as the incoming tide slowed. Still, the swim wasn't comfy, and my time showed it. Otho Keller, a stud swimmer who consistently spanks me in local races, swam a 21 something, and he's capable of a 17 swim, so the swim was definitely harder for some reason.

I finished top 3 in the bike, less than a minute off the best pace of the day, for the third time in four races. I actually felt a little flat in the bike; what with all the bumps and nastiness on the Hudson Parkway, it was hard to find a groove.

I had my best run of the year. Broke 40-minutes in a triathlon for the first time; but it was the best run because I felt great. I ran the first two miles a little conservatively, and just got stronger and stronger.

Eric S. Weiss (a NYC triathlete I keep in touch with via email), you made my morning. I cannot exactly say why, but seeing you really bolstered my spirits. Thanks for taking the time to come out.

As I approached mile 5 or so, I saw some guy ahead of me moving fast; everyone else was moving kinda slowly, so I tracked him down, to look at his calf. 32. I shadowed him for 15 seconds and then restarted my pace, maybe a little quicker. No response, as far as I could tell. I knew the course, and I wanted to take the last 1/4 mile at full 400 speed, at which very few people can beat me. I crossed the line, looked back and it was some 20 seconds or more before he came in. My time of 39:11 was the 7th fastest run of the day (the winner had the fastest bike and run, at 33:11 or something!!! He had a terrible swim, but that's an impressive duathlete).

In all, I was 4th overall, 20 seconds out of third and less than 1 minute from the win. I'm pretty happy with that, and I haven't really thought much about that minute. It happens; I greatly prefer races when I know I'm around all the competition. I like racing with people, watching them push themselves and thinking, "Wow, if HE can push that hard, maybe I can too." There's such an energy in respectful, honest competition, and it can be such a positive feedback loop.