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Race Result

Racer: Brady DeHoust
Race: Marine Corps Marathon
Date: Sunday, October 28, 2001
Location: Arlington, VA
Race Type: Run - Marathon
Age Group: Male 25 - 29
Time: 3:15:51
Overall Place: 375 / 21078
Age Group Place: 73
Comment: Leave it to the Marines to put the hill at the VERY end...

Race Report:

Writing this race report in April of 2004 is not going to portray the race details as if I wert to have written this in 2001, but I thought I'd try anyway to write up as much as I could from memory...

I ran MCM in 2000 as my first marathon. I had no idea how to train, or what "race strategy" meant. For my first 15-mile run in 2000, I remember leaving Deidre's apartment in Vienna with two gatorade bottles (twist off :\) in hand. I counted each mile as they passed on the OD trail, making sure I logged my 15. When I was through, it hurt to stand, sit, lay down...nothing really was comfortable. I sat in the shower for 30 minutes in agony...how was I going to run another 11.2?

I changed my training "strategy" for the 2002 MCM. I decided to train using time and not distance. I had a six-week key period that would include two runs of 2:10, two runs of 2:30, and two runs of 2:40 in the consecutive six-week period. I also started to do some 800 repeat track workouts with a friend of mine who had a sub 3-hour marathon to his credit. I vividly remember our final track workout, consisting of 9x800 in the pouring rain. The 800s were hard...very hard. We'd normally cool down with a 15-minute jog back to the house and crush $2 burgers from Cowboy Cafe afterwards...I miss those burgers!

Anyway...the race. I improved by 23 minutes over my marathon time from 2000. I did, however, severely slow at mile 21 -- the last 4 miles were absolutely brutal. The hill at the end was a suffer fest...a small shuffle got me to the finish. I learned a ton about training, and pacing. It really hit home that endurance takes a long time to build.