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Race Result

Racer: David Glover
Race: Pound, Pedal & Pant-Spring
Date: Sunday, April 25, 2004
Location: Stafford, VA
Race Type: Duathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 1:19:13
Overall Place: 3 / 72
Comment: Fun, low-key race near Fredericksburg

Race Report:

I'm very late in writing this so the details are a little fuzzy but here goes...

In 10 seasons of racing multisport events, this was only my 2nd duathlon. Distances were 3-Mile Run / 17.5-Mile Bike / 3-Mile Run.

- Speed can hurt. I much prefer longer distances at a lower intensity.
- Early season races help set the stage for key mid-season races (transition practice, feeling race intensity, nutrition practice, fitness assessment, etc.)
- Low key, local races are fun! I highly recommend this race and would do it again. Debi Bernandes has done a great job as the race director.

Steve Smith and I were headed down to South Carolina (near Clemson) for a week of swimming, biking and running. This race happened to be along the route so we figured it would be a good way to kick off a long training week. Plus, Steve was returning as the winner of the previous two races.

Our plan was to leave Reston around 5:30 to arrive around 6:30 for the 7:30 start. Directions seemed rather simple but we somehow managed to get off I-95 at the right exit but in the wrong direction. After about 15 miles or so, we decided that we were not where we wanted to be so we turned around to arrive about 15 minutes before race start. We managed to register, rack our bikes and set up our transition areas with only a few minutes to spare.

RUN #1
Run was an out and back on slightly rolling roads. I started out right behind Steve on the run. My goal was to try to stay close to him. The pace seemed very fast...and it was! The first mile went by at 5:16. Ouch! I backed off just a little and watched him pull away. Near the turnaround, I was passed by two runners but managed to stay reasonably close to them until transition.

Bike course was a lollipop shape. It reminded me of the Spud course with some flat sections and some long rollers. A few minutes into the race, I caught the two guys ahead of me while watching Steve pull away out of site. I was by myself for majority of the ride until the last few miles when I looked back to see someone gaining on me. I said to myself, "Hold him off until the transition then try to drop him on the run."

RUN #2
Second run was the same course. It hurt quite a bit more this time and the miles seemed to tick by very slowly. Marine Chad Walton caught me at about mile 1 and I just had to let him go. When I passed Steve going in the opposite direction, he had a comfortable lead and I think we might of high fived each other. I managed to hold off Marine Doug Morocco and finish third. No complaints!

Steve and I grabbed some food and hit the road.