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Race Result

Racer: Bill Goodrum
Race: Reston Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2004
Location: Reston, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 2:31:43
Overall Place: 120 / 400
Comment: I'm in what wave?

Race Report:

Swim 29:22 104th
T1: 1:52
Bike 1:02:09 47th
T2: 1:33
Run 56:49 254th Aaaaghh

5/19 in Clydes

Even though this is my third racing season, this race provided a number of firsts for me. It was my first time doing this race, the first race I have done with a multiple loop bike course, and my first race with two transition areas. The group postings pre race really helped ease my anxiety about the dual T's with all the very helpful posts. Thanks to all of you who helped us newbies!!

Pre Race

My wife and kids were going to be volunteers so I took them to the volunteer meeting on Sat.since I had to go to packet pickup. While I was waiting I helped unload some boxes and happened to meet a gentleman by the name of Bill who apparently has done this race every year. He was kind enough to let me join him for a ride to check out the bike course where I learned more about the course than I ever could have on my own. My thanks go out to Bill!!!

Off to packet pickup where I find that I am in wave one...of course like most I have no idea what I put down as a predicted time but considering my times have always been pretty consistent I am sure it was realistic. Who knows but like Cathy Friedel it just added another level of anxiety to my pre race jitters.

Race Day

Usual 2 poptart and coffee breakfast at 4:45 and off to South Lakes. Parked in the upper lot and made my first porta stop before setting up T2. Now the wave 1 jitters resume as I start seeing my fellow silver caps appear. I tell myself it's alright at least you won't need to do math at the finish line to figure out your time!

I went back to the car to get my T1 bag and bike and make my way to the lake. It seemed like it took me forever to get there in the dark but I arrived without incident and set up T1. Now I'm really nervous as I see my fellow wave 1'ers...like I belong in Guz's wave.

It was very relaxed though and that helped a lot. So many people you know. Then at the water to warm up I see Cathy and she has a silver cap too...I think it helped us both.


I decided to try and start to the right and in the back. A little tough to do starting on the ramp. Fortunately I had noticed the sharp drop off on the ramp in warmup so I could avoid that hazard. Swim felt good..not great but good. I seemed to be holding my place and did not have trouble sighting. Then all of a sudden I noticed a swimmer who seemed to be having an anxiety attack and was rolling overon her back. I though it might be Cathy (she had pink sleeves on under her wetsuit) and noted support was nearby and pressed on. About that time I managed to unexpectedly find the rope!! At first I though this was a good thing but as it turned out it was not as others seemed to be looking for it too and I got wedged between them and the rope. This cost me some time.

Just before the turn I saw Cathy (I think) pass me and was happy to see that she had gotten going again. On the return I was pretty much alone except for what turned out to be a gut who had race number 1 (and had no idea how he got that number) and a couple of red caps. Out of the water in a little over 29 and on to T1.


Used Pam(the spray) for the first time on my legs. Big thumbs up on gettting out of the suit with that. Volunteer was standing there looking like she wanted to help me pack the bag but I was not sure if they were supposed to (outside assistance) so I put everything together in the bag and left it for her to zip up. It sounds like from the other posts that that kind of help would have been ok. Seemed like a 5 minute T1 but actually was not that much slower than usual.

Bike 1:02:09

My legs felt heavy for most of the first loop. My mileage has been high lately training for Chessieman. Starting out uphill on the first loop did not help the feeling. So at first I thought it would be a very long day. But on the back half the downhills really helped me mentally and my legs got started. On loops 2 and three as the other waves fed in it got a little crowded. I got blocked several times by people riding outside the cones and people weaving around inside the cones. Couple of close calls but overall I was very pleased with the bike split.

T2 1:33

Not sure why this took so long...Other than I did note the depressing site of most of my wave 1 bikes already racked!! Oh well..

Run 56:49

Gravity and I really do not get along with each other on the run. Unlike the excellent preview I got of the bike course with Bill, I did not have a clue as to what the run looked like. WOW did I get a surprise. But my legs felt pretty good and figured if I just kept plugging what goes up must come down...At least it was a nice cool shaded course. I struggled on the run especially after I managed to step on a branch in a tunnel and stumble awkwardly. It was very painful for a couple of miles but towards the end it went away and was able to pick up the pace a little towards the end. I saw Matt and Gwen heading out after I was on my way back and figured with my slowing at that point that Matt would catch me. Cathy passed my in the last mile.

Overall I was pleased and had a great time racing. Not sure I like the winding multi-loop bike course but it was nice to race local and see all the RATS. Thanks to all the volunteers who were great out there...My daughter and her friend were the loudest I think a little after 2 miles (just outside a tunnel) and my wife and son were a little closer to the turn around.