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Race: Reston Triathlon
Location: Reston, VA
Website: http://www.restontriathlon.org/
Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Comment: Hometown race, fills *early*

Sunday, September 9, 2012
Mike Tine

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Keith Bohnenberger
Andrew Jones
Kevin Kunkel
Eric Mackem
Bradley Schultz
Troy Sivak
Jeff Wolfe
Stanislav Yanev

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Charles Barnes 2:21:54 (View Report) PR by 14 minutes.
Keith Bohnenberger 2:28:51 (View Report) Toughed it out
David Orton 2:04:56 (View Report)
Brad Payne 2:50:55 (View Report) Older and Wiser
Jamie Roberson
John Rosner
Paul Spencer 2:27:35 (View Report)
Tiago Stock
Stanislav Yanev 2:48:35 (View Report) Losfer words

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Ryan Albrecht
Keith Bohnenberger 2:29:02 (View Report) Focus
Katie Davison
Dan Grove
Melissa Hancock 3:01:02 (View Report) A great time!
Peter McIntyre
David Orton (DNF) (View Report) Didn't Race Due to Foot Surgery
Trevor Paradis
Ryan Parks
Pavel Pekarsky
John Rosner 2:24:30 (View Report)
Chip Shewbridge
Doug Steele (View Report) DNS
Tiago Stock 2:31:33 (View Report)
Karen Tine
Mike Tine
Dario Tirado 2:18:05 (View Report)
Scott Weinhold
Jeff Wolfe

Sunday, September 7, 2008
Karen Ashbrook-Barnes 2:28:20 (View Report) Great fun!
Tom Barbieri
Charles Barnes 2:06:50 (View Report) This tri became a du
Keith Bohnenberger 2:21:17 (View Report) That's one way to get under 2:30
David Carson
Julie Clark
Katie Davison
Craig Ellis
Steve Giorgis
Dan Grove 2:51:59 (View Report) Phoned it in
Melissa Hancock
Keith Jacobson 2:36:55 (View Report) I think I left it all on the course so I am satisfied
Alisa Key
Reid Kiser (DNF) (View Report) DNF Take 2
Erik Melis 2:41:35 (View Report) This is why I don't do duathlons...would have preferred a swim start
Mairead Melis
David Orton 2:01:18 (View Report) Duathlon
Ryan Parks 2:00:10 (View Report)
Bradley Schultz
Kevin Shaw
Tiago Stock 2:19:45 (View Report)
Tom Stroup
Karen Tine
Mike Tine
Dario Tirado 2:01:45 (View Report)
Jeff Wolfe
Melanie Yaeger

Sunday, September 9, 2007
Scott Baldwin 2:04:13 (View Report)
Katie Davison
Craig Ellis 2:12:48 (View Report) Great race
Dan Grove 2:51:12 (View Report) My 20th year in triathlon!
Keith Jacobson 2:51:38 (View Report)
Alisa Key
Kevin Kunkel
David Orton 2:09:58 (View Report) Getting Closer
Jamie Roberson (DNF) (View Report) Unofficial "Aquacycle"
Myron Rosmarin
Kevin Shaw 2:25:46 (View Report) My third Tri and first Reston!
Steve Smith 2:00:07 (View Report) 23:39 / 56:15 / 38:47 ... not bad for a drop-in race.
Tom Stroup
Karen Tine 2:47:56 (View Report) My First Oly!
Mike Tine 2:14:46 (View Report) Very happy with time/place given this was my "off year"
Dario Tirado 2:23:49 (View Report)
Will Waskes
Jeff Wolfe 2:36:47 (View Report) Training for Ironman - 2nd fastest Reston

Sunday, September 10, 2006
Scott Baldwin 2:08:55 (View Report)
Nicholas Begelman
Keith Bohnenberger 2:46:25 (View Report) Sometimes it's not pretty
Cynthia Couture 4:40:00 (View Report) I did an Oly!!!!!!!!
Katie Davison
Brady DeHoust 2:02:24 (View Report)
Brett DeWitt
Denise Ennis 3:09:26 (View Report) Trust thyself....
Dan Grove 2:52:37 (View Report) Most fun I've had racing in years!
Nick Karim 2:30:12 (View Report)
Bradford Kirley 3:06:26 (View Report)
Kevin Kunkel
David Orton 2:30:47 (View Report) Winging It
Antonio Panizza 2:28:10 (View Report)
Jamie Roberson 5:13:00 (View Report) Keeping the Faith
Myron Rosmarin 3:46:45 (View Report) When things go well, it's usually only a little better. When things go wrong, it's usually very wrong.
Paul Spencer 2:33:54 (View Report)
Mike Tine 2:11:37 (View Report) Great race. Not perfect, but pretty close.
Will Waskes 2:20:03 (View Report) A horrible performance to finish up a very sad year.
Matt White
Jeff Wolfe 2:38:18 (View Report) Another fun day in Reston!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005
Scott Baldwin 2:08:02 (View Report) Good race..
Charles Barnes
Keith Bohnenberger 2:43:13 (View Report) escape for a day
Stuart Brandt 2:39:09 (View Report) Wish I had more like this
Jamie Campbell
Gwen Corley 2:29:05 (View Report) Happy, happy, happy!
Veronica Crandall
Katie Davison
Brady DeHoust 2:03:36 (View Report) S: 26:46, B: 56:04, R: 38:42
Dan Frost 2:03:13 (View Report) Aloha and Goodbye
Steve Giorgis
Dan Grove 2:51:56 (View Report)
Bradford Kirley 3:05:26 (View Report)
Kevin Kunkel 2:15:40 (View Report) Fun race, decent time, learned a lot!
Corey McDaniel 3:06:07 (View Report) Fun, perfect weather
David Orton 2:22:08 (View Report) First Triathlon in 6 Years
Antonio Panizza 2:29:31 (View Report)
Stefan Raab
Joe Riggio
Jamie Roberson 4:56:53 (View Report) Finally...
Alex Rochette 2:15:00 (View Report)
Amanda Shuman 2:35:27 (View Report) Pfft... not worth a race report
Steve Smith 1:55:43 (View Report) s: 22:20 b: 54:05 r: 37:50 ... First OA, and first time I didn't PR
Paul Spencer 2:19:54 (View Report) What was I thinking at T1 and T2
Mike Tine 2:15:42 (View Report) Great race for a not highly trained year. Enjoyed this one, though!
Bob Tucker 2:10:09 (View Report)
Jeroen van Ek 2:52:24 (View Report) Don't worry, be happy
Will Waskes 2:12:55 (View Report) First Olympic Distance Race
Jeff Wolfe 2:35:09 (View Report) Another Reston PR

Sunday, September 12, 2004
Keith Bohnenberger 2:43:08 (View Report) perfect weather for a fast race
Gwen Corley
Veronica Crandall
Katie Davison 2:28:19 (View Report) pink bike takes first in age group...
Brady DeHoust 2:04:03 (View Report) 3-minute PR...evenly distributed across S/B/R
Bill Goodrum 2:31:43 (View Report) I'm in what wave?
Dan Grove 2:48:02 (View Report)
Mike Guzek (View Report)
Bradford Kirley 3:10:29 (View Report)
Diana Laird
Stephanie Nguyen
Antonio Panizza 2:24:55 (View Report)
Brad Payne 2:45:05 (View Report) Daddy on the loose
Jamie Roberson (DNF) (View Report) Swim Panic/New Goals
Alex Rochette 2:24:35 (View Report) A 10 minute personal best in the midst of Ironman training!
Amanda Shuman 2:32:41 (View Report) Should I become a duathlete and forget swimming?
Steve Smith 1:54:16 (View Report) Wow! Too exciting 22:55/53:53/36:02
Doug Steele 2:16:08 (View Report)
Matt Taylor 2:32:36 (View Report) Lets Keep it Going
Jeroen van Ek 2:51:35 (View Report) made it...get me a walker please
David Williams
Jeff Wolfe 2:39:35 (View Report) Finally - a good swim, bike and run all on one day

Sunday, September 7, 2003
Charles Barnes
Brady DeHoust 2:07:12 (View Report)
Steve Giorgis 2:05:23 (View Report) 3rd Masters!!
Dan Grove
Brad Payne 2:57:37 (View Report)
Steve Smith 1:55:52 (View Report) Working my way up ... 4-min PR

Sunday, September 8, 2002
Brady DeHoust 2:08:47 (View Report)
Dan Grove
Mike Guzek 2:10:34 (View Report)
Steve Smith 1:59:52 (View Report) 8-minute PR! and 8 seconds from 2nd

Sunday, September 9, 2001
Dan Grove
Mike Guzek
Aaron Schwartzbard 2:14:31 (View Report) 28:47 / 1:35 / 1:02:23 / 1:15 / 40:31
Steve Smith 2:08:28 (View Report) Last race of the first season

Saturday, September 9, 2000
Brady DeHoust 2:27:38 (View Report)
Dan Grove
Aaron Schwartzbard 2:17:53 (View Report) 29:42 / 1:58 / 1:04:13 / 1:23 / 40:37

Sunday, September 12, 1999
Dan Grove
Bradford Kirley 2:57:04 (View Report)
David Orton 2:14:59 (View Report) Blow Up
Aaron Schwartzbard 3:10:05 (View Report) 46:17 / 5:32 / 1:20:09 / 2:10 / 55:57

Sunday, September 13, 1998
Dan Grove
David Orton 2:15:23 (View Report) Not Bad for Limited Training

Sunday, September 7, 1997
Dan Grove
Bradford Kirley 2:54:00 (View Report)
David Orton 2:05:55 (View Report) My Best Reston Triathlon
Steve Smith 2:21:08 (View Report) 31:25 / 1:01:29 / 44:08 ... My first race ever, tri, running, or biking

Sunday, September 8, 1996
Dan Grove
David Orton 2:08:05 (View Report) Great Race Coming Off A Crash

Sunday, September 10, 1995
Dan Grove
David Orton 2:16:58 (View Report) Getting Better

Sunday, September 11, 1994
Dan Grove
David Orton 2:27:36 (View Report) A Dangerous Dance With Dehydration

Sunday, September 12, 1993
Dan Grove
David Orton 2:33:39 (View Report) My First Reston Triathlon

Monday, September 9, 1985

Sunday, September 9, 1984
Antonio Panizza 2:27:47 (View Report) First Reston Triathlon. 45-49 age group