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Race Result

Racer: Katie Davison
Race: Reston Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2004
Location: Reston, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 2:28:19
Overall Place: 94
Age Group Place: 1 / 19
Comment: pink bike takes first in age group...

Race Report:

My first Reston triathlon was a tremendous experience. Placing 2nd female overall in the swim (40s behind Shandra) and 1st in my age group shocked me. Seeing as Shandra is a very good friend, first triathlete I have really met, and probably the one responsible for getting me into this sport, it was ok for her to be the one faster than me out of the water J I could not have asked for a better race J


SWIM: 24:00 FAST, the swim does not tire me out and this is where I need to gain as much as I can!
BIKE: 1:15:00 I decided to really push it on the bike. My previous races
this season I have held back not knowing what to expect…but not this time!
RUN: 53:00 I do what I can…


SWIM: 25:18 2nd place female overall!! (40s behind Shandra)
T1: 1:49
BIKE: 1:06:48
T2: 0:58
RUN: 53:28
TOTAL: 2:28:19 1st place in age group/11th place female overall


The days before the race I was unusually nervous and excited. This is my first season as a triathlete and therefore I do not have many expectations of myself yet and past races I have not been to nervous of how I would do…the majority of my nervousness comes from worrying about the logistics of the whole thing (setting up transtions, knowing the course, not forgetting anything, etc). However since each triathlon course is so different I find it is going to be hard to have to strict of expectations in the long run….which is one of the things I love most about the sport…it never gets boring and there is always something new to learn! For this race I think most of my nervous/excitement came from knowing so many people at the race participating and watching.


I woke up at 4am..ish or so....not sure why so early….huh. Got myself moving and had breakfast (bagel and coffee). Coffee might not have been the best idea….seeing as how I used the bathroom AT LEAST 10 times before the start of the race….hehe. I got to T2 set up my small transition feeling I was forgetting something. Then headed over on my bike to T1. GOOD GRIEF I think I almost killed myself getting there. I could not see my hand in front of my face riding in the dark. I just went slow and hoped there was nothing in front of me. Once I got there I saw MANY familiar RATS and other friends. It was awesome to see so many of my close friends in one place doing something we all love! I found my spot and set up T1. Being in the 2nd swim wave gave me a great spot close to the water. At about 6:45 I put on my wetsuit and got ready to go…my stomach hurt :/ I was nervous….I think this is the part of the race that makes me the most nervous. This is because it is my strongest leg and I need to make sure I get to the front to start and I really want to have a strong swim…I am the most competitive with others in this area…I don’t want anyone to beat me….hehe (that includes you Amanda! Haha)


I positioned myself at the front of my wave (2nd wave). After the start I sprinted to get out of the mass of red caps. I along with maybe 3 others stayed at the lead. I stayed up with them and after maybe 3 minutes pulled away. Half-way to the turn around I caught some of the first wave. I felt pretty strong in the water so I sped up a bit and settled into a good pace. I passed many other silver first-wavers and my nervousness went away.
My thoughts during the swim were that its going to be a looong journey….and if I am thinking this….imagine an Ironman! (I seriously DO NOT know how you Ironpeople (David, Steve, Brady, Mike, Crazy Crandalls do it!)


As I swam around the big strange grate-like thing we were to go around before exciting the water I sped up a lot and sprinted out of the water. Ran to my bike and had a quick transition. I was happy to have no troubles getting my wetsuit off. Thanks volunteers for getting my stuff to T2!


It is nice getting out of the water first because there is not too much congestion in the transition area or on the course at first. I headed out onto South Lakes on my bike. My legs were pretty tight and cramped at first…this is usually the case because it takes awhile to warm up from the water. About one-third of the way through the first loop I began to feel good and started to push it. As I passed by T1 I was joined by a large number of people…yikes. Ward was just heading out on his bike. I stayed with him for most of the second loop and then he sped off. I was surprised that I was passing people on the course! Usually it is the other way around. Thanks for cheering so loud V…you’re my hero! As I was finishing up the third loop down South Lakes my knees started to hurt. Fabulous I though….just in time for the run…Ughhhhhhhhh the run……


I came into the transition area and saw my sister and her boyfriend cheering for me so I threw my glasses at her….hehe That’s what she gets for oversleeping and not volunteering! But I was so happy that she came to watch me J I had a smooth transition and started running.


I started out feeling good…which was a first. I thought to myself…my body must be getting used to this J I had not seen anyone on there way back yet and though I must be doing pretty good! At about mile 1…..YIKES….I was almost run over by Michael Orton….the course was quite windy all over….guess I should have gone to the previews :/ I then saw Steve on his way back and yelled great job and he is just ahead of you! Stv was followed by Tom. I jumped up and down like crazy when I saw Tom and thought about flashing him but I did not want to disturb his concentration…hahaha. Then came Brady and Mike not far behind. I saw many other RATS and friends along the course. I like the out and back course because looking for people I know makes the run go by faster! I was feeling really good until about mile 5. At this point I got pretty tired…nothing in general really hurt. I was just ready to be DONE. I did not have much more energy. I came up the hill to the track and realized we had to run AROUND the track…cripes….I managed to pick it up a little and finished somewhat strong.


Afer I finished I walked around a little so that I did not cramp up and watched people finish. I paced for awhile waiting for them to put up some results. Once I saw the 2nd in the swim I was beyond myself. Then when I found out I had won my age group I was ecstatic! I hung around and talked to RATS and friends about there races and watched the awards and got one!……yahoooyipeee. It was an awesome day hanging out with everyone and racing J Congrats to all RATS and thanks to all volunteers & David for making the race possible! Also thanks to Gigi (pink bike) for pulling me through another one.


It is hard to think of anything I would have done differently. I really just had fun….and that’s what triathlon is about for me!


SWIM: 24:00 Beat Shandra! (hmm), 1st female in swim
BIKE: 1:03:00 (1 min/loop) Bike like V
RUN: 48:00 Beat Amanda (yea right J….or just learn to run
like her)
T1&T2: 5:00 Don’t sit down J
TOTAL: 2:20:00 Top 5 Overall females