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Race Result

Racer: Paul Spencer
Race: Reston Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 11, 2005
Location: Reston, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 50 - 54
Time: 2:19:54
Overall Place: 52 / 517
Age Group Place: 5 / 23
Comment: What was I thinking at T1 and T2

Race Report:

First time Reston and wholeheartedly loved the course, organization, volunteers, and competition.
Swim:(26:18)No complaints. Felt relaxed at the start, hardly any bumping and got into my swim groove. At the turnaround, looked up to sight the end and found it difficult therefore found myself looking up more often. Reached T1 and careful to put my wetsuit and goggles in the bag and walked (why?) to the bike mount took 2:09. Ouch! Bike (1:01:46) was uneventful until lap 2 with many riders not staying to the right and unheeding "passing on the left" pleas, which for sake of safety required some maneuvering and dodging cones. T2 (1:36)makes me wonder how hard can it be to dismount, rack the bike, put on running shoes and head out. The run (48:07) was not my better effort. Lingering effects from a pulled hamstring did contribute to a more gingerly stride/pace. (Not that I was going to pass Steve Giorgis anytime soon:-) This was the first race that ended on a track and it was a delight to cross the finish line. All in all a great race and quite satisfied with my results. Need to work on transitions!Cheers. Paul