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Race Result

Racer: Stuart Brandt
Race: Reston Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 11, 2005
Location: Reston, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:39:09
Overall Place: 204 / 508
Age Group Place: 42 / 82
Comment: Wish I had more like this

Race Report:

Sandwiched between the Timberman half and the Cape Henlopen sprint (both 'A' races for me), this first time at Reston was supposed to be a train-thru event for me. My only real goal was to rebuild a little confidence in my running since so much of it had been lost on the Timberman run course. Unfortunately, the day did not start off very well as I discovered while waiting for my chip that my helmet was at home. With not enough time to go home, get the helmet, return to T2, find parking, then bike to T1, I ended up having to call the cheering section (who was supposed to get this race off). As usual, they saved my day and 30min later I was on my bike headed to set up T1. Boy, do I owe them big!

Swim (28:57):
Pretty uneventful. I wish I had been in the water more than once since Timberman, and I wish I had more of a warmup, but I really can't complain.

T1 (3:05):
Glasses instantly fogged when I put them on, so I had to walk to the aid station table to get some water for rinsing. Normally I have a little squirt bottle with me to do this, but I left it in T2 during the helmet panic. Between this and trying to make sure I packed everything up in my bag, it felt like I was in T1 forever.

Bike (1:08:38):
This was my first time on this course and I really enjoyed it. I caught myself going off-plan a couple of times when I was unable to avoid the temptation to hammer away on South Lakes Dr, but for the most part I kept things controlled. My split turned out to be my fastest bike pace ever in race, so needless to say I was pleased.

T2 (1:26):
Ran into a minor snag with the bike racks in T2. My rack was too low for either a saddle hang or a brake lever hang, so I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't get a violation and leaned the bike at a wierd angle (that took up 2 spaces) in order to hook the handlebar over the rack.

Run (57:06):
I can't remember when I've had a run this good. I don't know whether it was the shade, the scenery, the terrain, or the great attitude of the girl scouts at the aid stations, but my split here was 7 seconds faster than my 10K PR. This run went a long way to rebuild my confidence. Of course, it also left me wanting to enter a whole bunch of running races to see what my times would be like if they weren't preceeded by 1.5hr of swimming and biking.

For a train-thru race, I couldn't have been happier. I got some nice goodies, set 2 new PRs (bike pace and 10K), and was ready to do it all over again after a banana, some yummy bread, and slice of warm pizza.