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Race Result

Racer: Matt Taylor
Race: Reston Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2004
Location: Reston, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 25 - 29
Time: 2:32:36
Overall Place: 128 / 427
Age Group Place: 7 / 15
Comment: Lets Keep it Going

Race Report:

Goal: 2:45
Reach goal: 2:30
Mind Blowing goal: < 2:30

Swim - 33:13
T1 - 1:48
Bike - 1:04:58
T2 - :58
Run - 51:43
Total - 2:32:36

This was my first year doing the reston tri, and I was excited. I had a great race at Lums Pond, and now it was time to step it up a notch at reston. The heat beat me at Columbia and I knew I could post a better time. The week prior to the race I "bricked", if you can say that, the course twice. Steve was kind enough to do that extra 10K with me before his 5K race that evening. I felt great on the bike and comfortable with what to expect on the run. On to the race....

Woke up at 4:59, 1 minute before the alarm feeling great. Good sign. I got ready, had a PB sammy, gatorade, accel gel, poured the coffee and I was out the door. I had a cliff bar on the 5 minute ride over and sipped on my coffee. I got to the parking lot, and immediately ran into Brian Roche. I couldn't find him to save my life the week before, but there he was race day. We chatted, setup the run transition and headed to T1 to setup the bike. Whats fantastic about this race, which I know everyone agrees with, is that there are so many familiar faces. The entire scene is relaxed and comfortable. I went for a 10 minute jog, and a quick swim to loosen up. My brother and sister-in-law arrived to watch their first tri, wished me luck, and I was off to the start. The rest of the Taylor clan would be arriving later, NEVER wake sleeping babies, even if you need a cheering section ;).


I thought it was cool that they did the waves by estimated time of completion. It mixes up the usual age grouping, and I got to start with people I normally don't get to see, like RatMan training buddy Gwen. I asked her to take it easy on me in her future race report, we chatted about goals and got ready to start :). The horn was honked, and we were in the water. I felt relaxed and smooth in the water. I ran into the usual banging about, but nothing to overwhelming. The swim is a straight out and back with a yellow rope with buoys dividing the course. About half way out, I found open water, along with the yellow rope. Well with my usualy sighting issues, I vowed not to lose sight of the rope. The only way I was going to get off track was if someone decided to change the course on everyone. I hit the turn around buoy and noticed I was still in the main pack of my wave. Thats when it happened. My left calve cramped, and bad. I rolled over onto my back and tried to relax. I could see the volunteer in the kayak watching me. I was telling him to stay away in my mind. I did not want to get pulled, or even see that as an option yet. I knew I could get this out. After about a minute on my back, I rolled over again and continued on. I let my left leg float, and did the best I could only using my right to kick (thanks for those drills brian). I could feel the cramp subsiding, and a few more minutes later I was able to kick it back into full gear. I still felt strong in the water and was determined to make up some time. I caught a few of the swimmers I had been with earlier, and came out of the water at 33 minutes. Not the time I wanted, but considering the cramp delay, I felt good about it.


Putting on my bike shoes, my calve cramped again. Mike Guzek's girlfriend Courtney was the volunteer on my bike rack. As I was swearing, rubbing out my calve, I think she may have wished me some encouragement which I appreciate or she was talking to someone else entirely. I'll still say thank you. 30 more seconds wasted on my leg, I got on my bike and I was off. I wanted to be on my bike, I knew it would give my cramping muscle a needed break. I felt great on the bike the entire time. I ended up with a group averaging the same pace, and we traded spots through out the entire ride. Words of encouragement were exchanged here and there, and we zoomed along, NOT drafting of course. This course does get tight at points though, and it was tough when you ran into some packs. The decision to pass, drop, or dare I say "draft", came up more than once. Usually I was able to pass, and kept on riding. The bike went quick and I was in T2 in what seemed like no time. I had a great end spot on the rack, by the run exit. Bike on, bike shoes off, run shoes on, hat on, fuel belt in hand and I was off. I checked my watch at this point to see if I was able to put some time into my swim deficit, and was shocked to see a 1:40 on my watch, meaning I just pulled off an 1:04 bike. With a huge boost, I was ready to attack the run. A 2:30 PR was very much in my sights.


I think this is a great run course. It is all run on the Reston trails, and shaded. I feel the course tends to climb on the way out during the first 5K, and sets you up for a faster 5K on the way back. My calve started giving me a bit of trouble, so I walked the first hill so as not to push it. I settled into a nice pace and was focused. I saw everyone I knew on the run and had the usual acknowledgements, grunts, high fives etc. It felt good to see that many people, it meant I was having a good race. I got a stitch in my side for a few moments, and walked it off through an aid station. At the turn around I was on pace for a 45 minute 10K, and feeling good. Then it happened again!!!! But this time my left hamstring was the culprit. I was in full stride, left leg bent, when I cramped. My leg did not come down, and I went down, thankfully in grass. Man did this hurt, I dug into into the muscle and tried to stretch. As I was being passed by I got continued words of encouragement, which I again appreciated. The muscle relaxed and I was gingerly off. It took a few more minutes before I could really pick up speed again, so I took advantage of my light trot to get some more acclerade in me. Finally, I found my legs again and the held for the rest of the race. I caught some of the people who passed me, and finished strong, although it felt like my left leg was being held together by tape at this point. I turned onto the track and could hear my family yelling for me. Gotta give them strong finish. I looked at my watch, 2:31, well there is no chance I am letting 2:35 appear. I crossed the line at 2:32:36, posting a 51 minute 10K.


This was the best race I have had to date, cramping issues and all. Thinking back on the race, I do not feel my cramping was due to nutrition. I had not changed anything in my fuel plan, and I had not skipped or shorted any of the plan. Earlier in the week I was desperate for a massage because I was extremely tight and having difficulty getting stretched out. Unfortunatley I had to cancel. Race day I went through my usual warm up, but I cannot recall spending to much time stretching my calves. I believe I just did not get them warmed up enough prior to the start. Aside from that, everything else went fantastically. I figure between both cramping mishaps I lost approximately 5 minutes, the thought that I was on pace for a 2:20 something race is a huge boost. A boost I need gearing up for my 1/2 IM in October. It was great seeing everybody at the race. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO DAVE GLOVER AND ALL THE VOLUNTEERS TO A VERY WELL RUN EVENT!!!!