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Name: Myron Rosmarin
Nickname: Mydaho
Location: Reston, VA
Age Group: Male 55 - 59
About Me: Started out as a cyclist but was drawn to triathlons after volunteering at two Reston Triathlons. So I bought a pair of running shoes and a skimpy Speedo (ewww) in 2005. I thought I'd have difficulty with the swim. Not true, it turns out I'm ok in the water but I can't run even if I my life depended on it. Trying some different things but I'm not anywhere close to where I want to be.
What I do to pay the bills: Director of Search and SEO at Revolution Health Group
Who defends the ranch when I'm out training: My wife, two kids, and buddy and shaggy (my schnoodles)
Short term triathlon goals: This isn't about competition ... this is about your knees
Long term triathlon goals: Make the pain stop
Fantasy triathlon goals: Become competitive again
Three favorite albums: "Aja" by Steely Dan
"The Central Park Concert" by The Dave Matthews Band
"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" by Genesis
Favorite book: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
Favorite movie: The Princess Bride, Cinema Paradiso
Chocolate: YES! The darker, the better
Garlic: I like it but my wife would prefer me to pass.
Blue Cheese: absolutely. What else do you drench your Buffalo Wings in?
For breakfast, I usually have: A banana and a bowl of cereal and some Starbucks coffee. The cereal should be a mixture of at least Cheerios and Oatmeal Squares though three different cereals is preferrable.
After a long day of training, my favorite meal is: Indian food (after training or not ... it's always my favorite food)
My best triathlon advice is: Save yourself for the run
My best non-triathlon advice is: Don't let it happen, make it happen.
What was I thinking when I signed up for my first race: I am so psyched!
Everything I need to know I learned from: Working for terrible bosses.
My deepest, darkest secret is: heh heh ... yeah right

Race Summary

Race Type # Done PR Race PR
Bike - Century 1
Run - 5 km 2 Race for the Cure (DC) (Jun 3, 2006) 0:31:00
Run - 10 mile 1 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (Apr 2, 2006) 1:59:55
Triathlon - Sprint 3 Virginia Run Sprint Triathlon (May 14, 2006) 1:28:40
Triathlon - International Distance 3 Reston Triathlon (Sep 10, 2006) 3:46:45

Race Schedule

Date Name Type Results
Time O.A. A.G.
Apr 2, 2006 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Run - 10 mile View
1:59:55 5103 / 5236 725 / 746
Apr 23, 2006 Worldgate Sport&Health Spint Tri Triathlon - Sprint View
1:31:59 45 / 77 16 / 21
May 14, 2006 Virginia Run Sprint Triathlon Triathlon - Sprint View
1:28:40 284 / 388 27 / 31
Jun 3, 2006 Race for the Cure (DC) Run - 5 km View
Aug 27, 2006 Ratman Other - Other View
Sep 10, 2006 Reston Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance View
3:46:45 468 / 481 54 / 56
Oct 7, 2006 Sea Gull Century Bike - Century None
May 20, 2007 Reston Sprint Triathlon Triathlon - Sprint None
Jun 2, 2007 Race for the Cure (DC) Run - 5 km None
Jul 22, 2007 New York City Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None
Sep 9, 2007 Reston Triathlon Triathlon - International Distance None