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Race Result

Racer: Mike Guzek
Race: American Cancer Society (Salisbury) Sprint
Date: Sunday, May 4, 2003
Location: Salisbury, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 25 - 29
Time: 1:14:03
Overall Place: 10
Age Group Place: 2
Comment: I love this race.

Race Report:

Salisbury was a fun race. The temperatures were pretty cold (50s), but besides the first few minutes of the bike, things weren't too bad. I managed to finish 10th overall and 2nd in the 25-29 age group.

The Race
As the first race of the year, this is always a pretty exciting time. I drove down there with my buddy Brady and his wife Deidre and stayed with some other friends who were doing the race -- Erica and Brian. Before the race, it was business as usual…get all the gear unpacked, lay it out all, double check to be sure it's all there, warm up etc. After my stop by the port-a-potty I made my way down to the swim start. I was a little late so I didn't really get a warm up. The air was cold (low 50s) and the water was pretty chilly was well (somewhere in the mid to low 60s I think). While fidgeting with my watch in the water, the horn sounded….oops. I quickly dug in a started off. For the first 200 yards or so of the 800 meter swim, I raced in front with 2 other swimmers, but felt like I swam over a patch of glue or something. I slowed in an instant and my two friends sprinted ahead. And that was basically it. I swam alone and saw those two guys pull away in the distance. Not till the last 100 yards or so did I see another swimmer. I think some fella was behind my drafting the whole way and tried to pass right at the end. "Sorry sir, not today." I picked up the pace and exited just in front of this guy (see the water exit photo) as the third swimmer out.

I quickly changed and headed out in 3rd place. Quickly, I was passed by my swimmer friend. I did not like that one bit so I caught my breath and moved right back around him….unfortunately, I attempted this on a hill and it nearly killed me. Within another minute or so he went back around for good. I hung on for about 5 minutes but he slowly pulled away….and that that was that. I didn't see another bike behind or ahead of me the rest of the way (except of for the people going the other way on the out and back course). I went into transition in 4th on and quickly slipped on my shoes. I realized I forgot to unpack my race number so I had to run to my bag to fish it out, but fortunately I found it quickly. Like a rocket….well….an older model rocket, I took off out of transition for the run.

I was in 4th but there it was a wave start…there was the over 30 male heat behind me which would likely produce some contenders…so 4th…could be 4th….or it could be something much less than that. In any case…I am in 4th. Right at mile 1 this person comes flying by. I came to find out later it was a 15 year old kid!! He was running 5:29 minute miles…..Holy Moly! Along the course, two other fellows passed me and I came in 7th…. and ultimately placed 10th overall and second in my age group. Brady came in right behind me and took 3rd.

I was excited to have the 7th fastest swim and the 6th fastest bike of the day. My run was a slight disappointment in that my average was barely better than last year. Perhaps I pushed too hard on the bike….in any case, I was very pleased with the day!! I took my trophy and left with a smile!