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Race Result

Racer: Corey McDaniel
Race: Diamond In The Rough
Date: Saturday, July 10, 2004
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 2:47:17
Overall Place: 258 / 404
Age Group Place: 41 / 54
Comment: New Olympic PR

Race Report:

As long as I’m writing race reports...

Last year I finished this race 54th out of 54 in my age group, this year I wanted to show improvement, and more importantly, socialize and support our RAT team with my invaluable half point for participation.

1 mi. swim = 32:54 [36:29 in ’03]
T1 = 2:04 [4:33 in ’03]
27 mi. bike = 1:28:09 [1:44:05 in ’03]
T2 = 1:04 [3:21 in ’03]
5 mi. run = 42:36 [49:07 in ’03]

Total = 2:47:17 (3:17:32 in ’03)

SWIM: Good practice without the wetsuit, had to actually kick a bit to keep afloat, felt liberating to have full motion with my arms. I swam hard the first quarter mile, then grabbed some feet for the middle, then passed him and caught the feet of some of the speedsters from the wave after us on the way in.

T1: Fast, uneventful.

BIKE: Mostly fast, rolling, one big long hill towards the end. Somebody bit it on the sharp downhill corner, the same one that wiped folks out last year, even though this time they had flags, road paint, and volunteers warning you to slow down. The ambulance was there, just like last year, but it appeared the guy escaped with only a mild case of raspberry – over half of his body.

T2: My fastest transition ever :)

RUN: I felt good, no ill effects at all from IM-CDA two weeks earlier. This served the purpose of being a speed training race for me. By mile three I picked things up a bit and finished with a whole lot of gas still in the tank.

RATS’ second in the club standings was the least I expected. I did not expect to get any hardware myself, but apparently this race has a special Clydesdale category for >211 lbs, and since I was wearing my backpack, shoes, etc. when I checked in at 210 lbs, they stuck me in the bigger boy category – which resulted in my second place finish behind fellow RAT Guzek for the “REAL” Clydesdale category. Before I had a chance to reflect on my award, and consider abandoning my weight loss goals, Marsha brought me back to reality by innocently observing that “they seem to be giving awards to everybody for something today.” So with that, I hereby declare my intent to retire from the 210 lbs division henceforth.

Thanks for the eats and drinks Colleen, and it was nice to meet so many more RATS in person.

Thanks for reading - Corey