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Race Result

Racer: David Glover
Race: Mohican Pineman
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2001
Location: Pleasant Hill Lake Park, OH
Race Type: Triathlon - Ironman
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 10:34:38
Overall Place: 2
Age Group Place: 2
Comment: Very tough course.

Race Report:

Race: Mohican Pineman (Ironman distance)
Location: Perrysville, OH
Date: Sept. 15, 2001

By all accounts this was the toughest Ironman I have ever done...that's what Troy Jacobson said, too, in his victory speech.

The swim start was a balmy 41 degrees. Water temp. was in the mid-60's and there was fog. The race included both a half and full and everone started in one wave...full did four loops of the swim, half did two. V isibility was very poor at times...from one buoy, I could not see the next. I'd swim a few strokes, pop my head up, look for a buoy or kayak, redirect, swim to it, stop, look for next buoy, etc. Very eerie. I had no sense of direction. On the 2nd loop, I was right behind Troy and he gave me a "high five" as we headed back into the water. The kayaks and canoes did a great job of pointing out the buoys. By the 3rd and 4th laps, there was very, very few people around me...kind of nice but no one to draft off of.

After leaving the swim, I rightly opted for a dry, long-sleeve shirt over my race jersey but should have gone for dry shorts, tights and gloves, too. I was miserably cold the first loop of the hilly bike course.

Did I say hilly? It was ALL hills. Reminded me a lot of Skyline Drive once you get to the Visitor's Center. There were long hills. There were steep hills. There were long, steep hills. Plus, sharp turns at the bottom of the hills...so much for momentum.

About 6 miles into the bike, Troy went by me and I just watched him go. I think I had the feeling back in my toes and fingers by the 2nd loop...but then came the bonk...that nasty monster that hits you and forces you to struggle along slightly delusional with lots of negative thoughts running through your mind. The 2nd loop felt like an eternity.

Bike to run transition was uneventful. Air temp. was in the 60's by then...still a little chilly on parts of the run. Dehydration was not really a problem that day. I vaguely remember reading or hearing the run course was flat...well, I guess if you compare it to the bike course, it was flat. Reminded me a lot of the Vineman course. Two loops out and back.

I bonked again at mile 10 and had talked myself to quitting at the turnaround as I was miserable and in the process of being run down. It really is mentally taxing the come within about 25 m of the finish line and have to turnaround and head back out. For whatever reason, I decided to finish. Rest of the run was much slower and distance of the next couple runners behind me was decreasing...I bonked again at mile 20 but had to pick it up. The guy who caught me at the last mile was in a relay. We ended up crossing the line together.

It felt great to finish...this was IM #9.