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Race Result

Racer: Stuart Brandt
Race: Diamond In The Rough
Date: Saturday, July 9, 2005
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:50:01
Overall Place: 442 / 668
Age Group Place: 51 / 62
Comment: Fun event on a warm day.

Race Report:

1mi swim: 25:09 (1:25.7/100yds). Almost Zen-like swim, though I suspect it may have been short. Very relaxed, arms felt great the entire time. Went with sleeveless wetsuit despite 77.6 avg temp and didn't overheat at all.

T1: 2:58. Need more practice with wet feet and socks. Don't run up the stairs from the dock next time, 'cause HR went through the roof and seriously hurt the beginning of the bike.

27 mi bike: 1:33:10 (17.4mph). Took first 5 miles to get HR back under control. Lots of twists and turns and ups and downs in the beginning. Relied on the triple on the two major hills. After the turnaround, was able to just get in the drops and work, though the road was a little rough here. Bottle exchange at mile 17 was definitely needed, as was the one at mile 22 (which was out of water already).

T2: 1:20. Thankfully grabbed Endurolytes and some gel for the run. Nice dismount even though feet were out way too early.

5mi Run: 47:27 (9:30min/mi). Took until the turn around for the Endurolytes and water to kick in. Return leg split was one full minute faster than the "out" leg...even after a visit to the bushes within 1/2mi of the finish. Nice flat course, but heat was getting to me.