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Race Result

Racer: Gwen Corley
Race: Diamond In The Rough
Date: Saturday, July 9, 2005
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:31:04
Overall Place: 199 / 668
Age Group Place: 6 / 23
Comment: Open mouth, insert foot

Race Report:

At first I thought I was nine minutes faster than last year. I thought I had done a 1:40 last year but after analyzing the results, it appeared that I did a 1:34. Still, I was almost 4minutes faster than last year and I'm ready to kick start some speed work now, so I'm hopeful that the 9minutes faster will be at Reston.

Robert, Matthew and I traveled to Maryland Friday afternoon and arrived at the park just before 5PM. We didn't hit any traffic and it took about 2 hours from Winchester.
Check in was smooth sailing except that Robert's helmet failed inspection and we had to get him a new one.

Race morning we got up at 5AM, Robert was hopeful about going to Denny's but decided against it for fear of overeating. We settled for coffee, banana, and toast with peanut butter at the hotel. We didn't camp as we were not fully prepared, our camping skills have been non-exist and so we chose to procrastinate that little adventure for another time.

We arrived on race day around 7AM, got in a warm up, which for me means jogging loops around the porta-loo and making frequent stops. I made a critical error of not getting on my bike to check things out. Lesson learned.

Swim: 24:00
2004: 27:00
It was hot waiting for my wave to go off so I doused myself with water from the aide station a few times. I felt strong in the water except that my left calf kept trying to cramp up on me. Thankfully I'm not a strong kicker and I just concentrated on trying to relax. Seemed like a lot of traffic out there and I got clocked in the chin once. Maneuvered my way through the throng. Sighting was easy and I sighted every third breath (ninth stroke).
My time was exactly 3min. Faster than last year and I credit my coach and lane buddy with the Winchester Masters team for this. This is our first year for a Masters team in our town so naturally I am totally jazzed.

T1: 1:38

Bike: 1:22:52
2004: 1:22:51
This is were I lost some time. Coming out of T1 I heard a clicking noise. Sounds like something is stuck to a spoke. I think, OH MAN! I notice the computer is not working so I stop, (on the left like a dummy), readjust the computer magnet, fumble my way through some mud, watch for other riders barreling down on me and manage to get back on course with only one person cursing me. The computer is still not working, clicking noise is still there but not as loud, so I figure I'll just keep going until the bike gives up the ghost. Luckily that didn't happen and I felt strong on the bike. A little quad burn thanks to the Half Ironman two weeks ago. I played tortoise and hare with another woman in my age group until she finally dusted me about half-way through the course. I cheered for fellow RATS: Brad and Michael as I went by.

2004: :48

Run: 41:41
2004: 42:36
I felt strong coming out of T2. I allowed myself a peak at my watch and made a quick calculation to see if I could get back and break 2hr. 30Min. It would be close. I cheered for Margie as she was getting ready to finish while I was getting started. Quads started to complain at the turn around. I cheered for Amanda who was gaining on me and soon passed me around mile 3. My left calf had to chime in with it's own complaints too. I did my best to ignore the pain. Despite the cacophony of protest coming from my legs I felt stronger this year than last.

Post Race:
Good race, good food, good friends. Great fun to see the RATS and to meet some new faces. Little Nora was a trouper and seemed to enjoy all the commotion. My husband Robert was a little disappointed that I wasn't there at the finish line for him, but he was thrilled to see that his swim time was 15minutes faster than at the Jim McDowell Lake Swim. He is definitly coming up the learning curve quickly. My son, Matthew enjoyed the day, riding his bike around the park, making new friends and cheering us on at the transition areas. I ditto Casio's sentiment that this was the perfect way to begin the weekend!