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Race: Little Pepper
Location: Culpepper, VA
Website: http://www.setupevents.com
Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Comment: Event #8 of the Virginia Triathlon Series
750m Swim - 14 mile Bike - 5k Run
This course is different than the Culpepper Sprint.

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Tom Barbieri 1:41:02 (View Report)
Jennifer Burg 1:46:10 (View Report)
Julie Clark 1:53:42 (View Report) my first triathlon, AND a PR :)
Katie Davison
David Orton 1:16:40 (View Report) Need More Speed
Ryan Parks 1:16:45 (View Report)

Sunday, June 17, 2007
Scott Baldwin
Shawn Clark 1:24:54 (View Report) Up and down up and down up and down, etc.
Fabrice Guillaume 1:26:14 (View Report) my first OWS.
Kevin Kunkel 1:16:41 (View Report) Easier than the August Race in Culpeper--NOT!!!
Stacy Taylor 1:40:36 (View Report) The hardest 5k - ever!
Dario Tirado 1:22:51 (View Report) Good to just be racing again